11 Best Artificial Trees For Indoors 2022( Buying Guide)

When you want to brighten up your space, you can add some greenery to empty corners. People who don’t have time — or the knack — for taking care of real houseplants should opt for fake ones. Modern fake alternatives resemble the real thing more than ever before. Here we are going to tell you about the best artificial trees for indoors in 2021  

Perhaps it’s time to consider these low-maintenance alternatives if you have a history of not keeping plants alive. Fake plant options are available with a wide range of species, from tall trees to miniature succulents.

The design world has been regaining popularity in recent years, and now you have tons of choices.

There’s no need to worry about light exposure, watering, or any other environmental concerns with fake plants, but you want to consider how realistic the fake plant’s details and texture look, as well as the material, size, and placement of the plant. Learn how to choose fake plants and read some top recommendations by reading on.

Best Artificial Trees For Indoors 2022

1. EAMBRITE’s 6FT prelit Birch Tree features 288 LT LED Fairy Tree Lights Warm White Decor. 

EAMBRITE's 6FT prelit Birch Tree features 288 LT LED Fairy Tree Lights Warm White Decor.


This 6 ft led birch fairy tree is simple in design, with a natural bark texture, flexible branches, and 168lt of warm white soft light that looks beautiful indoors or out. You can decorate your windows display with this starlit birch tree by adding your favorite mementos or gift cards This upgraded version features a birch tree shape with starry flashing effects which will create a festive party mood.


It contains 288 led fairy lights. The 4.5V IP44 adapter is UL listed with low voltage power.


It is 6-ft tall 8.6 inches wide and 8.6 inches long.

  • You can put it together so easily.
  • You can use ornaments to decorate the tree.
  • Connections of the lights are not very strong..

2.Artificial Christmas Tree, Pre-lit by National Tree Company

2.Artificial Christmas Tree, Pre-lit by National Tree Company


This tree has 140 individually crafted branch tips, so it looks just like a real tree. This arrangement features an easy-to-setup base and pre-strung lights that make setup and disassembly easy.


This luminary is built to last with a sturdy base and 50 UL-approved white lights that continue to burn even when a bulb burns out. These needles are non-allergenic and fire resistant. In its most lush and full form, the tree stands 4 feet tall and 18 inches wide at the base.


It is 4-ft tall 12 inches wide and 12 inches long.

  • Limited space needed to fit it into any corner.
  • It is very easy to handle and assemble..
  • This tree only has 50 lights

3.Natural looking artificial Ficus 6ft trees

Natural looking artificial Ficus 6ft trees


The beautiful 6ft Ficus tree has realistically intertwined branches and over 1,000 leaves, each with vein details. The reproduction Ficus was designed by a company whose designers have decades of experience in the live plant industry. It bears an exceptionally close resemblance to the real thing.

Furthermore, it’s a fantastic price. We think it would make a great budget-friendly option, but since it is so well-made, we can’t resist. The container is black and measures 5.5″ wide x 5″ high and is made from a synthetic material that includes polyester and plastic.

You can use a pot of your choice to create a soft, natural look by dressing it with some pebbles.


It is 35 inches wide 35 inches long and 6-ft tall.  Any dark or empty corner would be brightened with a faux tree. It’s great for hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, and sunrooms, and unlike the real thing, it will not slip.

  • Realistic twists add an extra level of realism to them. .
  • These leaves are dense and vary in color, whereas those on a cheap fake tree lack these features.
  • This plant has a tiny base

4.A 6 feet fake palm tree for indoors and out, with 13 trunks

A 6 feet fake palm tree for indoors and out, with 13 trunks


You can turn your home into a trendy, on-trend space by adding the bird of paradise and the fiddle leaf fig tree to your garden. The leaves of this tree are architecturally designed.

With a topical plant, a plain wall or corner will seem more interesting and, as with natural plants, you can place it wherever you like, not requiring 8 hours of direct sunlight. We have featured the 6ft tall version, but it’s also available in a 5ft tall version.


This tree is 8.5 Inches wide 67,5 inches long and 6-ft tall. There are 13 leaves in this 6ft tall version, and the stems have been wired in so that they can be bent to form graceful arcs. This plant comes in a black pot with soft feathered leaves that is made from premium polyester and is weighted with cement so you can put it anywhere.

  • This artificial tree is distinguished from others by its feathered leaves and 3D vein detailing. .
  • In a nutshell, it’s ideal if you’re searching for something you can mold.
  • It smells strongly and can make you cough if you are near it

5.UV Resistant (indoors or outdoors) Fiddle Leaf Tree, Nearly Natural, 5448 4ft, Green

UV Resistant (indoors or outdoors) Fiddle Leaf Tree, Nearly Natural, 5448 4ft, Green


The leaves of this plant look just as good with a few leaves as they do with a dense canopy. It has a single “pruned” stem and 14 dark olive-green leaves and measures one foot tall, similar to the real tree, which grows in Western Africa’s tropical rainforests.

Artificial plants with faded or nearly blue leaves will be obvious in the sun and are not a good look. The tree will retain its rich dark green leaves indefinitely even in full sun since this plant is completely UV resistant.


This tree is 4-ft tall 16 inches long and 14 inches wide. There is also a 6ft tall version of this tree that has more foliage or more height if you prefer that.

There are 270 large leaves included in this 6′ tall version. This plant has a 5.75 by a 6.75-inch black pot that you can create your own planting container and moss for.

  • The plant won’t fade in direct sunlight.
  • There is a choice between a single or multiple stems, made by the same company..
  • Leaves do not seem very flexible and can be bent and “fluffed” out.

6.Five-foot tall artificial violet tree with purple flower

Five-foot tall artificial violet tree with purple flower


You can use this beautiful 5ft canna tree with beautiful purple flowers as an accent to brighten and decorate a room. There are 24 flame-resistant rubber silk leaves made of flame-resistant rubber silk material, and the pot measures 7″ high by 8″ wide.

It would only need a pot of its own to match your decor, and some additional moss will do the trick. There are metal wires inside the leaves, so they can be adjusted to any position and can support mini lights, making them look authentic.


The tree measures 5.2 feet in height and 2.3 feet in width. We suggest placing the faux tree in a larger decorative planter to reduce the chance of it flopping over. It’s made from hard PP material with cement inside, ensuring the overall stability of the standing tree.

  • You can adjust the leaves’ position using the internal wire..
  • With its delicate touch, this floral arrangement will add a touch of elegance to any room in your home
  • The only challenge is getting the leaves to bend in the right shape without damaging them.

7.The Japanese Vitex Fruticosa Tree

The Japanese Vitex Fruticosa Tree


An artificial fruticosa tree can be used to bring a sense of calm and tranquility to your living space. Handcrafted trees are unique due to the bark and leaves being real and artificial, respectively.

A choice of green or red leaves, as well as a non-flowering and flowering variety, is available. You can place it in your favorite pot upon receiving the 7-inch black nursery pot.


It is 9.1 inches tall 10 inches wide and 39 inches long. The Japanese Twisting tree is supplied in a brown plastic pot with a diameter of 7 inches, to make planting easy. A tree is built on top of this planter, which is not decorative.

  • Twist bark is used for the production of this product to produce a natural appearance.
  • This construction is very beautiful.
  • Sneezing can knock it over, so it needs some weight at the bottom

8.Artificial Trees, nearly natural, 7′ tall, bamboo, silk, green, 84 in

Artificial Trees, nearly natural, 7' tall, bamboo, silk, green, 84 in


An impressive addition to any home, this bamboo table has an impressively natural appearance. Bamboo Trees are often found in warmer climates since they have lush leaves and stand tall seven feet.

If you have a room or office that has a variety of decorating styles, this tree will work well. There are several sizes to choose from, beginning at 3 feet all the way up to 8ft tall version.


It is 7-ft tall 45 inches long and 45 inches wide. We’ve featured the option that is seven feet tall. As a statement piece, it will brighten your living space with its height and colors. They can act as a screen for blocking out neighbors when grouped together.

  • A dense canopy is created by thousands of leaves..
  • You can customize the bamboo based on your specific needs by ordering it from 3 feet to 8 feet in 1-foot increments..
  • There is not enough greenery on the bottom.

9. 5′, Green Promenade Bamboo Artificial Tree, 50-10015, Pure Garden, 5′, Green

9. 5', Green Promenade Bamboo Artificial Tree, 50-10015, Pure Garden, 5', Green


As an alternative to bamboo, we offer this pick. This arrangement gives the appearance of a younger, more tender stem, giving it a graceful, elegant feel. As a single piece, this one would be a stunning addition to a screen. The black branches are adorned with over 1000 PVC leaves.


It is 5 ft tall 35 inches wide and 35 inches long. You can place it either indoors or outdoors, but if you want to use it outdoors, we think a covered porch would be a better choice.

  • The bamboo is a copy of a very sought-after variety. .
  • The piece is delicate and feathery and would look lovely on its own..
  • According to the tree, UVL protection is insufficient or nonexistent.

10. Palm Tree, Silk, Golden Cane, 6.5ft, green, near-natural 5289

Palm Tree, Silk, Golden Cane, 6.5ft, green, near-natural 5289


This golden cane palm tree features 3 realistically textured, detailed trucks and 333 leaves to provide a relaxing, warm, tropical oasis in any room. There are 6.5ft of the tree, measured from the bottom of the pot to the tip of the tallest palm leaf. It comes in a black nursery pot, which is 8.5 inches high by 10 inches wide. It is a dense tree with lush, deep green foliage.


It is 78 inches tall 45 inches long and 40 inches wide. It comes in two pieces. You need to insert the top section of the tree into the stem or base of the tree in order to achieve full height.

  • This cane palm’s dense foliage makes it an ideal screening plant, but it works equally well as a statement piece as well
  • Not enought greenery

11. Fake Decorative Buxus Shrubs for Home and Garden Décor Replica Plastic Plants Indoor and Outdoor

11.Fake Decorative Buxus Shrubs for Home and Garden Décor Replica Plastic Plants Indoor and Outdoor


These triple ball topiary boxwood trees will surely make an impressive entrance for you. Since they are specially designed for outdoor use, they feature multiple layers of green leaves made of durable plastic.

Despite the fact that faded blue leaves in artificial plants are never a good look, the leaves of these Buxus trees are colorfast, having been treated with an advanced ultraviolet inhibitor to prevent fading.


It is 18.66 inches wide 62.5 inches wide and 12.76 inches long. A 7″ by 5.9″ pot is included with each one, which can be placed in any pot of your choice. You can enhance the appearance of your property with the timeless elegance of boxwood trees. The price may be a little higher than others, but the product is built to last and is almost indistinguishable from the original.

  • Their appearance remains natural and authentic.
  • There will be some reshaping needed by hand after shipment.

Plus points of artificial Christmas Tree for indoor


 Living trees are not as durable as artificial trees and may not last more than one season.

Less stress, low maintenance

Artificial trees require very little maintenance and little stress since there’s no need to water them or to shimmy underneath them to secure them. To find a “good” tree, you don’t have to show up early all the time (a tradition many people enjoy).

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, you may be able to take care of the tree at home, saving yourself an errand and an expense in a busy, budget-straining time of year.


Although artificial trees are more costly than natural ones, they can last for up to a decade. Then you will only have to pay once every 10 years, saving you not only money but also time.

There is nothing messy about fake trees

The clear packages won’t scratch up your car’s roof during transit, and you won’t end up with sap on your hands when you move them. During the old year, you don’t have to deal with shedding or needles as you drag their withered husks outside.

Negative points of artificial Christmas Tree

A pain to store

You shouldn’t skip the fake tree if you’re short on storage space. If your garage or basement can’t handle a heavy box the size of a water heater, don’t buy it. In addition to its bulk and not being able to be returned to its original box, an artificial tree cannot be kept in an uninsulated space where heat and dampness will damage it.

Not 100% realistic

Fake trees of even the highest quality do not appear to be really up close. The plastic branches look like the real thing, but they’re uniform in appearance and have a strange gleam that indicates they’re fake. However, from a distance, they can appear very, very impressive.


Artificial trees don’t have the piney smell we associate with Christmas.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to store my tree? 

The sun, heat, and dust can damage trees. If your trees are not in use, make sure they are stored in Tree Bags. They are thus protected throughout the year.

What is the “profile” of a tree?

The profile of a tree is its overall shape. If we compare a profile tree to a pencil profile tree, the profile tree is thicker. In order of thickest to thinnest, profiles are classified as Full, Medium, Slender, and Pencil.


Christmas tree farms in the United States grow 350 million trees each year, according to National Christmas Tree Association data. The number of real and artificial Christmas trees sold every year varies between 25 to 30 million. Christmas trees sold for real and fake trees usually cost 78 U.S. dollars and 104 U.S. dollars respectively.


The following artificial trees are among the best picks for indoor use. Everyone has their own features its pros and cons. Read this article thoroughly to select the best artificial tree according to your requirements. I hope you will find this article authentic and helpful.

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