Best Christmas Parties TO LOOK IN 2022

You will cherish the experiences that you get from Christmas parties for years to come. Music, food, and entertainment play an important role in a great Christmas party. With a unique holiday season upon us, we have selected some great parties less stressful than ever, thanks to our expert event planners. These events offer a variety of Holiday party options. It includes fun and festive shared parties, Christmas dinner outings, and more. Or we can arrange your festive event, perfect for your company!

Whether you’re looking for a boat cruise on the Thames, a masquerade ball, or a Christmas lunch at a landmark, our years of experience as a party venue means you’re in good hands.

There are a wide variety of exquisite bars, restaurants, and nightclubs if you want glitz and glamour. We offer a variety of Christmas Party Venues to choose from. In 2021, it is more important than ever to earn it

We have offices party ideas for 2021 to make your Christmas & New Year’s party the best you’ve ever had. We have everything from special drinks, tasting menus, and even the taxi home.

From the best events, party venues, club nights, and holiday balls choose the best Christmas party from our selection. These are the top Christmas party venues that our event planners have found across the UK. We can provide a range of office Christmas party ideas for December 2021, from the affordable to the amazing.

Birmingham ‘Rio Carnival’ Christmas Party 2022

As part of Birmingham’s Christmas party, the city’s iconic venue will be transformed into Rio de Janeiro, the party destination of Brazil in 2021. An intoxicating city that combines deep cultural roots with a zest for life and intoxicating energy. Leaving the cold and dark night behind, the color of the landscape is intoxicating.

As the evening begins, you explore what the evening has to offer with your friends and colleagues. Traders offer you delicious canapés in colorful tin houses lining the street.

While you make your way to the first bar of the evening, your ears are filled with party tunes! Dancers’ lithe bodies push the limits of possibility by stretching, twisting, and distorting in mind-blowing displays of skill, distortion, and contortion as the music levels rise.

Your journey continues as you take your seats in the restaurant. It’s the ultimate party experience the moment the lights go down, the stage comes alive, and the party begins. A nice three-course dinner and wine will complement the dancing, spinning, and twisting of the performers.

An explosion of sound and light marks the start of a dazzling finale as the last spoonful of dessert is consumed. The power passes to you and the dance floor passes to the DJ after the legendary stage show has ended. An uplifting mix of classic party tunes and current hits immediately entices you to get on the dance floor and begin getting creative.

You can look forward to a multitude of after-dinner entertainments elsewhere in the building until early in the morning. The dance floor beckons to those disco bunnies whose night is still young and whose energies are boundless, while some drink coffee and eat chocolate in a quieter area.

You reflect on a truly spectacular evening as the evening draws to an unwelcome close.”

Christmas Parties 2022 Northampton City

Holiday parties will help you become closer to each other and give you a night you’ll remember for years to come. You will have an unforgettable Christmas party at Franklin’s Gardens’ exceptional and incredible venue. A shared ‘Glitz and Glam’ party night is available at a price of just £36.50 per person.

Several themed function rooms and a live DJ are included in this three-course set menu. On Thursday, 9 December, they will add a thank-you event for the NHS. In order to thank all key workers, Northampton Saints have been offering a special price for this event.

London’s Christmas parties in the Roaring ’20s,

Experience the Roaring Twenties this Christmas with the biggest and best parties you’ve ever seen. Tobacco Dock’s speakeasy experience will transport you to the 1920s. This year’s celebration will be up there with world-class set designs, menus, and entertainment.

There are new options for standing nights, entertainment, menus, and desserts, along with bigger and better food offerings than before. We are also offering three impressive standalone spaces for exclusive party bookings, which makes Tobacco Dock one of the most exciting venues for large groups. Join us for an amazing Christmas party in London.

Usually, they charged around 60 dollars and provide services to 8-1200 guests.

Manchester, The Enchanted Forest Christmas Parties 2022

An old wardrobe with suitcases and trunks is in the heart of Manchester. Those who have braved the old coats will begin to push through the fading lights and will enter the Enchanted Forest as the flames of candles glimmer. On the other side of the path are snow-capped trees, twinkling street lamps, and twinkling twigs. Lights will be twinkling from led globes that twinkle with snow effects as moving snowflakes dance above an ice blue draped room.

We are offering guests the opportunity to capture their special evening in an immersive photo opportunity! This fabulous private package is great if you are having 200 people or more at your party.

Several venues in Manchester are hosting events themed Enchanted Forest that are easily accessible. December, January, and November are the available dates. This Christmas party will be a memorable event, especially with some outstanding entertainment!

Christmas Parties in Manchester, a fairytale from New York for the 2022 season

You are in for a magical holiday season in Manhattan! As you join us for a night of pure excitement, you’ll never forget your time across the Brooklyn Bridge. Be prepared for a night that will not end! Against the iconic street signs of New York City, a vintage traffic light will flash overhead.

It’s a party with a view, as your guests will enjoy the backdrops of cityscapes and panoramic backgrounds. The photo area is themed with the New York skyline and benches from Central Park.

An elegant private ball inspired by the New York scene will impress 200 guests or more. There will be a variety of venues in Manchester that will be featuring the Fairytale of New York theme. We have available dates from November through January.

Christmas at Paintworks, Bristol

 As you go under the Christmas Tree, you’ll experience a world of changing dimensions! This immersive experience lets you enter an oversized world filled with ornaments, big presents, giant toys, and curious fairies. Everything is nestled in the base of a magnificent tree, stretching out across massive areas. You have to see it to believe it!

During our world-class entertainment, you’ll enjoy delicious canapés as well as a three-course meal. Enjoy a festive magical experience where nothing is what it seems as you delight in a glamorous casino, ride exhilarating dodgems, and bask in the glow of a magical festive adventure.

Under the Christmas Tree is an evening of surprises that turns normality on its head. It is an evening that will exceed every expectation you may have of Best Parties Ever.

They provide services to a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 300 guests. They charge around 47 pounds per head. The 12th and 14th of December are the available dates.

Birmingham Hilton Garden Inn hosts Christmas dinner

Celebrations and making memories are integral parts of Christmas – bringing together those we love and connecting with people that matter. During the holiday season, there’s no better place to show some festive spirit than Hilton Garden Inn to enjoy the festivities.

The reputation for throwing great parties is well deserved. Whether it’s party preparation or a small detail that makes it extra special, they do it all for you. We can bring it all together so that you can enjoy yourself.

There is nothing their team cannot accomplish, from the simple to the bold. They provide services to 8-100 people. They charge around 33 pounds. Booking is available from 26th, 27th November to 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th, and 18th of December 2021.


According to the latest survey report, 51 percent of the UK population love to go to bars, parties, and other fun activities on Christmas eve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Attending the office Christmas party is a good idea?

You should attend office parties now and then when they are held during working hours. An after-work party does not require you to attend. As soon as you leave work, such time is yours.

Can you tell me how to have a fun family Christmas party?

  • Getting into the holiday spirit by singing Christmas carols.
  • An exchange of gifts for the holidays.
  • Decorating trees.
  • Cookie baking for Christmas.
  • Watching a holiday movie.
  •  Music


Christmas parties cannot be completed without families and friends. You can either arrange a Christmas party at home or outside. If you want to through a lavishing Christmas party full of glamorous, check out some of the best venues listed above.

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