Best Christmas Tree Farms in Ct in 2022

 It’s a great time of year for Connecticut to embrace and embody the festive spirit of Christmas, more than just a movie! It is the smell of fresh-cut trees that announces the arrival of the holiday season. A living Christmas tree is the only thing that truly captures the spirit of the season like the tradition of cutting down a tree on the farm with your family every year. Its evergreen needles have a fresh and fragrant scent that brings the outside inside.

Even though the days are getting shorter and darker, and the nights are getting longer and colder, the world is vibrant and alive around us. It’s a good time to celebrate! From white pine to Fraser firs, farms all over Connecticut offer everything.

The best tree farms in Connecticut are the best places to find a Christmas tree this year. Check out this list of Connecticut’s best Christmas tree farms!

Best Christmas Tree Farms in Ct in 2022

Nursery and tree farm Evergreen Acres, Colchester, CT

In addition to their tree and shrub offerings throughout the year, Evergreen Acres’ festive displays at Christmas time are quite impressive. There’s something downright jolly about this Christmas tree farm, which grows an impressive assortment of trees for decorating your home. Christmas decorations and wreaths can also be purchased at Evergreen Acres.

Fairview Tree Farm

Fairview offers full service hauling and baling of Fraser firs, Blue Spruces, Norway Spruces, and White Spruces after selecting your tree from the 60-acre lot. You can get a hayride from Santa himself at the weekends, as well as take a look at the Christmas shop. There are also live burlap and balled trees on the farm.

 Angevine Farm—Warren

Angevine Farm in Warren offers a wide array of Christmas trees on its 35 acres of property. The Angevine family has owned and managed the land since 1868, including their diverse assortment of spruces, firs, and pine trees.

You are advised to bring your saw, as they do not have any. Additionally, some trees have been freshly cut. You will find an impressive collection of ornaments, garlands, and tree stands at the Christmas Barn.

There are also pre-cut trees, as well as fresh wreaths and swags, so you know that the tree you choose has been well-tended.

You can start your Christmas shopping after you choose your tree at the Christmas Barn Gift Shop. Artworks, candles, ornaments, and soaps made by artists local to the area can be found here.

You’ll fill your home with a fresh fir scent while enjoying beautiful, handcrafted wreaths and garlands from The Wreath Factory. These Christmas tree farms help you enjoy the magic of the season and add seasonal touches to your home.  

If you want to buy a Christmas tree, don’t wait too long: Christmas tree farms open around Thanksgiving.

Breaking Arrow Nursery in Hamden, Connecticut

The Broken Arrow Nursery transforms into a winter wonderland each Christmas, selling plants that are hard to find. We have a variety of trees ranging in size from tabletop to 10-foot giants on our 20 acres of property, or you can purchase a pre-cut tree.

For a completely unique wreath, you can order handmade wreaths or place a custom order. Decorations and centerpieces can be found on-site as well.

Farm at Maple Hollow in New Hartford, Connecticut

This Christmas tree farm in New Hartford supplies Christmas trees and other seasonal goodies to residents throughout Connecticut (and beyond!) since 1976. The Maple Hollow Tree Farm grows firs, spruces, and pines, and lets you cut your own or pick a pre-cut Christmas tree.

You can enjoy complimentary hot cocoa and holiday décor at The Christmas Shed after you select your tree. There are unique arrangements of wreaths and hanging baskets created from fresh winterberry bunches and other fresh ingredients. Among their many ornaments and other holiday decorations are both traditional and quirky decorations for your tree and halls.

Voluntown, CT, Olsen’s Christmas tree farm

Its Christmas tree farm opens the day after Thanksgiving so you can get in the holiday spirit the day after Thanksgiving. By the time all Scrooges attach their chosen tree to their vehicles, Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman will be making every Scrooge happy. Olsen’s offers Christmas decorations like kissing balls and wreaths along with wreaths.

Paproski’s Castle Hill Farm

Tree Farm, Newtown A variety of trees are available for families to browse through at Paproski’s Castle Hill Farm. The 20 acres are split into areas where Norway Spruce, Douglas Fir, Blue Spruce, and White Spruce trees can be found. Wraps, garland, and decorative boxes are also available, but people should bring their handsaws. You may walk your dog on a leash.

Hamden, CT’s Joseph’s Tree Farm

Since 1989, Joseph’s Tree Farm has been in the Christmas business in the beautiful town of Hamden! You can either cut-your-own or pre-cut trees at this picture-perfect little farm, which has a great variety of well-tended Christmas trees.

Then, after deciding on the perfect tree, head over to the gift barn to check out handcrafted wreaths, garlands, and swags to close your Christmas shopping. Take a deep breath and enjoy that magical Christmas scent of fresh-cut greenery while enjoying the warmth of the wood-burning stove.

You can also purchase seasoned firewood bundles from Joseph’s Tree Farm for all your Christmas log needs!

Chaplin, Connecticut, Harmony Farm

You can select the perfect Christmas tree at this family-owned business by taking your time. While browsing the fresh wreaths, sip on a mug of steaming hot cocoa to warm up. As an extra treat, children can receive a candy cane and coloring book when they visit with their parents!

South Windsor, NY – Dzen family tree farm

This farm will open for business on November 29, offering cut-your-own (saws provided) and pre-cut trees. The reindeer will also be available. In addition to their $55 price per tree, they charge tax. In addition to the nativity, the greenhouse offers a snack bar on weekends, ornaments, tree stands, and other items for sale.

Cedar Ledge Tree Farm Mansfield, CT In

Mansfield, Cedar Ledge Tree Farm is a quaint and peaceful Christmas tree farm. A warm welcome awaits visitors at Cedar Ledge Tree Farm as the farm offers free hot chocolate, hayrides, coloring books, and tractor rides for kids. There are over 10,000 trees to choose from, including spruce, fir, fir, and pine. You can either cut your own tree or purchase a precut one.

As well as a wide selection of trees, you can also browse handmade wreaths, centerpieces, ornaments, and another décor in this heated Christmas shop. You’re sure to have a good time at Cedar Ledge Tree Farm with your entire family.

Hickory Tree Farms—Coventry

This fourth generation-owned and operated tree farm has 50 acres of unbroken forest, which is one of the largest in the entire southern New England area. There is a variety of Fraser Fir, Canaan Fir, and Blue Spruce options available. Make sure you have a hand cart to help you transport trees to your car if you do not own a saw.

Jones Family Farms in Shelton, CT

One of the famous Rockefeller Center trees has come from Jones Family Farms twice in the last 15 years! Their selection of spruce, fir, and pine trees includes pre-cut trees as well as trees that you can cut yourself. You are guaranteed a heavenly tree regardless of the method you choose!

As soon as you’ve selected your tree, head over to the Barnyard Shops! In addition to the lovely, handmade garland and bows found at the Wreath Barn, there is also a great selection of wonderful ornaments, handmade crafts, and unusual gifts at the Holiday Gatherings Gift Shop.

When you need something sweet, the Harvest Kitchen offers warm mulled cider and oatmeal, cranberry, and chocolate chip cookies. You can also sample some of the delicious wines at the Jones Winery Tasting Room before you buy a bottle from this family farm/winery.

Some Tips to Consider

  1. Be sure your tree will work before you decorate it. Sturdier branches are required for heavier decorations. The foliage of some trees is more open, the branches are stiffer, or the needles are longer.
  • A well-lit tree farm and areas that are shady are ideal. Find out what trees are. Your decision will be better if you know more. A possible question is: How long will it take for the trees to arrive? Are they shipped in several shipments during the season or all at once at the beginning? Where and in what climate should you plant trees?
  • To determine whether branches and needles are fresh, test them. A branch should be run through your enclosed hand, according to the tree association. Consider avoiding trees whose needles are easily removed. Branches on the outer edges should also be bent. Also, consider avoiding the tree if it isn’t pliable. It may also be too dry if the branches snap easily.
  • See if there are any signs of deterioration or dryness. Needles could lose a great deal of pliability, discoloration, musty smell, or wrinkle the bark as a result.
  • Don’t doubt yourself. Look for a fresh tree somewhere else if there is none to be found.
  • Each farm will charge different prices. The prices of trees vary between tree farms, as some sell them by foot while others measure and price them individually. When deciding on a price, ask about it before you arrive to avoid unpleasant surprises at the checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

An average Christmas tree costs how much on a farm?

Any size of the tree will cost you between $65.91 and $83.47 on average. For flocking and fire retardant, there is a $10 per foot charge, as well as the cost of a stand in the absence of one.

Among the top three companies, which one produces the most trees?

Fraser firs, as well as noble and Douglas firs, are produced primarily in North Carolina and Oregon, respectively. The Christmas tree industry employs an estimated 100,000 people and plants approximately 60 million to 70 million seedlings each year.


With the world progressing people tend to buy Christmas trees online. It has many benefits. But you cannot eliminate the amusement of visiting and buying a Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm. You can also take your children and pets and convert them into a family tour. We have provided some of the best Christmas tree farms in Connecticut. If you are living in Connecticut, you can buy a Christmas tree from these farms. We hope so this guide would be of great help to you.

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