Best Christmas Tree Farms in Omaha ( Top Picks)

We are thankful for all that we have, and we rest, eat, spend time with our families on Thanksgiving. If you don’t need some Black Friday deals, maybe now is a good time to visit a Christmas tree farm to find a fresh tree, rather than rushing around for deals. You can cut trees yourself or hire someone to do so on-site at these places.

The location where you go will determine how you want the tree cut. In addition to entertainment, crafts, and refreshments, there may even be shopping and shopping carts at the farms. Here are a few of Omaha’s Christmas tree farms where you can get an interesting, locally grown tree this year.

Best Christmas Tree Farms in Omaha

  1. Bennington Pines Christmas Tree Farms

The Engh Family owns and operates Bennington Pines. They began planting 25 years ago when Kermit Engh dreamed of it. Caroline manages the planting and maintenance and fills the hot cocoa servers continuously while working in the sales barn. Activists at Bennington Pines plant an additional three trees for every tree removed. The operation is dedicated to protecting the environment.

A tree grows to a height of 6 feet on average over a period of six to ten years. Every year, we shape and shear our trees to encourage symmetrical growth. Thanks to our staff, you will have a wonderful tree picking experience year after year.

Come and bring your four-legged furry children to our tree farm while they stay with you for free. Please keep the animals on a leash and bring a bag of deposits for their paw prints.

You can find them at Bennington, NE 68007 160th St & Hwy 36

2. Omaha – Frosty Pines

For more than twenty years, this family-owned business has provided affordable Christmas trees from its 15-acre lot just north of Omaha. You will pay $40 regardless of the size of the tree for them to cut and tie down your tree. They are located at 2172 US Highway 75 in Omaha.

3. Blue Springs, NE, The Pinecrest Tree Farm

Among the oldest and largest tree farms in Minnesota is Pinecrest Tree Farm. Over 40 years of tree cultivation and sale have made the farm a popular stopping point for visitors seeking the perfect tree. Wagon rides can be enjoyed both in the field and to choose the right tree. Christmas trees will be available until December 22nd at Pinecrest Tree Farm.

4. Indian Creek Nursery

Visit a heated greenhouse this year to find your perfect Christmas tree! It is a great place to find houseplants and winter-season needs all year round at Indian Creek Nursery and Garden Center. The store even sells holiday decorations during the holiday season, such as Christmas decor, pots, and fertilizer.

Douglas Fir and White Pine are among the trees they sell. You can even find trees based on the amount of needle retention, fragrant quality, or the price you are looking for! The Business is located at 303 N SADDLE CREEK ROAD IN OMAHA.

5. Aldag Acres – Norfolk

Tannenbaum Trees Christmas Tree Farm is home to Aldag Acres, a family-owned business. The seasonal opening occurs just after Thanksgiving. Their address is 3912 West Norfolk Avenue, Norfolk. Tree farm

6. Windmill Pines, Seward, NE

One of the oldest trees in the state of Nebraska graced the rotunda of the State Capitol Building in 2015, a Windmill Pine whose roots were planted in 1968. The farm has also provided trees to the Governor’s Mansion and his office during the past few years. Come to Windmill Pines if you’re in the market for quality pine and fir trees!

7. Santa’s Woods

This farm is located at 3764 STATE HIGHWAY 133 IN BLAIR. You will not find a more unique Christmas tree shopping experience than at Santa’s Woods! A coffee bar and cocoa bar are available for free. Also, if you want to roast marshmallows, you can do so at a fire pit! Additionally, they offer Technicolor Trees are available in a range of colored varieties, including pink, purple, and black.

8. Tree farm Clover B in Crete, NE

A freshly cut Christmas tree can be picked up at Clover B Tree Farm in Southeast Nebraska. This farm grows fir trees and sells wreaths in addition to the trees. Additionally, the farm sells trees that are grown throughout the country including trees that are grown locally.

9. The Lanoha Nursery

 Lanoha Nurseries is one of the largest nurseries in the Midwest, with its headquarters in Omaha. Furthermore, they sell interior decor as well as trees and plants of high quality. Their Christmas decor and artificial trees are available during the holidays.

10. Omaha’s Nordstrom’s Christmas Tree Farm

 Get your tickets to this quaint farm before tomorrow’s opening day. The antique fire truck will take customers into the field and back for just $1 – or a regular tractor wagon will take them for free. Trees are cut, shaken, and loaded by you. A bar of delicious hot chocolate will be served to you in the lobby before you leave. Their address is 11401 Pawnee Rd. Omaha.

11. Tree farm at Walnut Grove, Raymond, NE

The Walnut Grove Tree Farm in Lincoln provides you with the option to cut your own Christmas tree. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of trees in the main cabin or the field of trees. Take a warm cup of hot chocolate to the woodstove after picking your perfect tree.

12. The Bryn Arddun Tree Farm in Davey, Nebraska

 Located in the Southern Highlands of New Hampshire, Bryn Arddun Tree Farm’s limited inventory of Christmas trees varies every year. Their tree selection includes many kinds of pines and firs. This tree store is the place to go if you want an authentic, rustic tree for your office or home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Christmas tree farms supply rope?

In addition to wheelbarrows or other transport tools, most farms provide these as well. Many are willing to wrap and tie the tree to your car. Make sure to bring your own rope or bungee cord with you. If they don’t have them, or if they run out, you won’t be able to climb.

How much money does it save you to cut your own Christmas tree?

The cost of cutting your own Christmas tree is usually lower. Don’t forget that you’re also paying for transportation and parking at a temporary lot if you purchase a pre-cut tree.


Visiting a Christmas tree farm for a Christmas tree is also an experience to feel. Besides shopping online people also love to go to Christmas farms to buy a tree of their own choice.

We have listed some of the best Christmas tree farms in Omaha. If you want to buy a Christmas tree from a farm you should read this guide to save your valuable time and money.

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