Best Outdoor timer for Christmas lights ( Reviews 2021)

 When it comes to Christmas lights, timing is everything. You’ve heard this before, but it is particularly true. It is much easier to sit back, relax, and enjoy the magic of Christmas light timers than having to plug in or turn on dozens of individual Christmas trees, lights, and decorations each day.

BN-LINK Compact Outdoor Mechanical 24 Hour Programmable Dual Outlet Timer is our top pick for the best Christmas light timers. The set-up of this outdoor timer was quick and easy, and it was ready to use, right out of the box. This timer offers great value for anyone looking for reliable Christmas light timers since it is programmable in 15-minute intervals with 48 settings options.

There is only one thing that can be certain with the cold wind and the first snow on their way: Christmas is just around the corner. You might decide to start putting up your holiday decorations, which include Christmas lights, at the same time as you take out your winter clothing, such as coats and boots.

In addition, you have to use timers if you use these decorations in your home. We’ve got a great collection of outdoor Christmas light timers here that’s sure to impress.  

The set-up of this outdoor timer was quick and easy, and it was ready to use, right out of the box. This timer offers great value for anyone looking for reliable Christmas light timers since it is programmable in 15-minute intervals with 48 settings options.

Statista estimates that the global outdoor lighting market in 2021 will be worth 12.32 billion dollars. By 2030, the market value is projected to reach 23.8 billion US dollars. The demand for outdoor timers has also increased as outdoor lights have become more popular.

Here are our picks for the best Christmas light timers if you don’t already have one or want to buy one.

Best Outdoor timer for Christmas lights

1.BN-LINK Compact Outdoor Mechanical 24 Hour Programmable Dual Outlet Timer

BN-LINK Compact Outdoor Mechanical 24 Hour Programmable Dual Outlet Timer

According to our research and customer reviews, this is the best outdoor timer for Christmas lights.


There is a cover over this product that provides weather protection. Therefore, it is perfect for use outside as it is waterproof. In addition, it’s also very powerful, rated at 1875 watts and 15 amps.

You can use both outlets to connect string lights and it still holds up well. The interval for this model is 15 minutes, and there are 48 settings available. It’s also easy to use, and you don’t have to do anything manually.

You can turn on and off your Christmas lights automatically. It is only necessary to press the pins for the period of time during which you wish your appliance to be turned on. This schedule will run every 24 hours, so you won’t have to manually turn your device on or off.

This product is one of those rare that, because of the low price, you don’t have high expectations, only to find it yields superior results. To the manufacturers: Well, done!

 Apparently, one of our customers has a 750-watt pump. He was not sure whether this little timer could handle such a continuous load. Well, it’s been running quite well over the past two months.

The timer also seems to keep pretty accurate time as opposed to other less expensive mechanical timers of the same era. It has not been necessary to adjust the “time of day” over the past few months. It’s nice that this timer has been constructed in a weather-resistant way.

I have used it outside, even though the area is partially protected, and it has survived several thunderstorms and driving rains.

  • The best price for reliability!
  • Installation is easy
  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting
  • Matching andng fire are both possible.

2.DEWENWILS Outdoor Light Timer Waterproof, Plugin Sensor Outlet Timer Switch

DEWENWILS Outdoor Light Timer


For outdoor pool pumps, fountains, and lights, there are two 3-prong outlets. Two appliances can be connected simultaneously to the timer. Depending on the schedule you set, you can turn your outdoor devices on, off, or shut them off at dusk. The schedule will repeat itself.

There is no dimming feature on this on/off switch. From your room, you can control outdoor lights, lamps, pool pumps, and fountains. Bad weather does not require you to go outside. One of its major features is its powerful RF signal.

The control of outdoor lights and other electrical appliances can be performed via these signals as far as 100 feet away when close to the appliance. For the elderly and those with limited mobility, it is a blessing.

Programming is not necessary, nor are tools needed. You can run two devices simultaneously with two grounded outlets, saving time and energy. Despite being weatherproof, please mount the outlet vertically to prevent water from splashing on it.

It is an excellent product, says one of the customers. The weather-resistant cord is well-built so it will likely last for a long time. This timer does not go off too early unlike some of the other timers, and it has an excellent definition of “dusk.

A remote is included and it works, so you can control the unit entirely with it! In addition, the remote is well constructed, as well as having a range of 100 feet, unlike some other timers.

  • Water-resistant
  • The control of outdoor electric devices via a remote application.
  • A hundred feet is the minimum range.
  • An excellent product
  • Defective design.

3.BN-LINK Outdoor 24-Hour Timer with Photocell Light Sensor

BN-LINK Outdoor 24-Hour Timer with Photocell Light Sensor


There are a variety of applications for this versatile product, which also saves energy. It is perfect for outdoor use only. The timing can be set for both outlets for up to one minute, so you can control both outlets simultaneously.

You can program up to eight different programs for the grounded outlets on the timer. With this feature, your appliances’ lifetime is extended, and you save money on electricity. You can set the switch to adjust the light automatically once the most appropriate setting is found for your individual needs.

Pre-defined day variations or customized preferences are available. It takes only a few seconds to switch on the Daylight Savings Mode. Because the backup battery keeps your settings even if the power goes out, power outages are no longer an issue.

When you’re away, your home comes to life in “Random” Vacation mode. It won’t be necessary for you to leave your kid alone at home. On this model, you can also choose a 115-Volt rating, which makes it suitable for hydroponic gardens.

Light is very important to plants. It is the ideal choice for those who are looking for a timer that is both convenient and affordable.

This is a great product, according to a customer. The photosensor simply needs to be pointed in the direction of light to be able to sense it outside. Your lights will automatically turn on when it gets dark enough.

Another great feature of this timer is weatherproofing and the ability to adapt to changing dusk times during winter. Since the nights are getting darker earlier and earlier as we approach December, the lamp will always turn on in dark.

Additionally, you can set the timer to activate once the photosensor kicks on, so it runs from dusk to a set number of hours later, instead of dusk to dawn.

At 3 am, you’ll never have to worry about lights running or unplugging them. Christmas lights are made easy with this method.

  • Setup is easy
  • The ON/OFF switch has 8 settings
  • Grounding two outlets.
  • It improves the security of your home to have a random vacation mode
  • Resets frequently.

4.GE 24-Hour Heavy-Duty Outdoor Mechanical Timer

GE 24-Hour Heavy-Duty Outdoor Mechanical Timer


GE’s 24-Hour Outdoor Mechanical Timer from Jasco provides convenience, allowing you to easily connect your home. With automatic outdoor lights, you can turn the lights on and off at your preferred times of the day, saving you money, time, and energy.

Holiday decorations and yard lighting are just a few ways to utilize this product. Timer intervals can be set to 30 minutes and a daily cycle of 24 hours can be set. The attached mounting bracket makes it easy for you to hang the timer near an outlet. Plugs and outlets with three-wire grounding for use with heavy-duty grounded outlets. This timer can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its weather-resistant construction. It features a dial cover that is weather resistant. 

Product Review

A customer said it’s pretty easy to set up. The timer comes with a small corresponding guide printed on the back, in case you forget the instructions or aren’t sure how to turn it on or off.

The information is quite helpful since I cannot remember whether the lights are upside down, or up. This timer has been used for over three years without shorting out or tripping any circuit breakers, as the plastic cover keeps direct moisture out.

  • This is a sturdy product
  • Efficacious and weather-proof
  • You can easily set it up,.
  • Long-lasting
  • An outdoor outlet cannot accommodate the bulky plug.

5.BN-LINK Outdoor 24-Hour Water Resistant Photoelectric Countdown Timer 

BN-LINK Outdoor 24-Hour Water Resistant Photoelectric Countdown Timer 


This is another well-made product from BN-LINK. Smart photocells on this outdoor timer detect dusk and dark and turn lights on/off automatically.

Set the schedule to suit your preferences: dusk to dawn, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours after dusk. You can set the time using the dial or remote control by connecting your lights. Use our timer to automate the process.

There are 3 grounded outlets on the 6-inch cord. A photoelectric outdoor timer can transmit remote signals through walls as thick as 100 feet. Rather than independently, the three outlets work together at the same time.

Your outdoor lights can automatically turn off after a period, so you don’t need to turn them off again. If it gets dark, keep the porch light on. Let people enjoy your holiday lights for just a short time. A rigorous testing schedule is used to ensure the safety and quality of this outdoor timer.

This product performs excellently, according to one customer. When you plug it in, you’ll see a little blue light on the left side indicating the device is ready for ‘further instructions’. Select (the dusk symbol) for turning on by tapping the circle near the top. If you want to set the length of time of operation to 2, 4, or 6 hours, tap it again. There were complaints that it was not waterproof enough.

  • Despite the concrete block, the wireless remote works
  • Simple to understand.
  • As advertised, this product works well!,
  • There are times when the timer fails to function.

6.Timer with 24-hour photocell – Woods 59746WD

Timer with 24-hour photocell - Woods 59746WD


We have a timer that works well if you have many Christmas lights. It has three outlets. Furthermore, this device is a photocell, which means it can tell when it is daytime or nighttime.

Thus, your displays will begin to light up as soon as it senses darkness. Additionally, you can adjust your holiday decor through its remote control without stepping outside.

If there is a lot of ambient light at night, you may not be able to use a photocell timer. It may be necessary to rely more on the remote control if that’s the case.

One of the customers reports that this product works well. There are three different lights or devices that can be powered by this simple timer. When the timer reaches a certain level of darkness, it will automatically shut off or turn off at dawn, after 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours.

It comes with a photoelectric timer that can operate the three outlets. Moreover, the remote control allows you to turn the entire system on or off with a simple click.


  • Worked perfectly
  • Can work as a timer and remote control.
  • With your chosen settings, the device detects dusk and adjusts timing accordingly.
  • Worked well, but only briefly.

7.Outdoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer with Light Sensor, Woods 2001

Outdoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer with Light Sensor, Woods 2001


It’s perfect for using Christmas lights as outdoor lighting timers. It is made to withstand the elements and is resistant to the elements. LED Christmas lights turn on at dusk and turn off immediately when the sun comes up again.

However, it only comes with one outlet, which means it is not compatible with multiple strings of outdoor Christmas lights. You are probably still hiding a couple of these away if, like me, you love decorating for Christmas.

With its sleek design and convenient remote control, this easy-to-use lighting timer is not only excellent for controlling outdoor lights but can also be used for other purposes.

This single outlet timer is a great choice for lighted outdoor decorations because it comes at a reasonable price, is weatherproof, and works like a charm.

Product Review

Apparently, this is amazing, according to a customer! Earlier this year, we bought these for a large holiday light display in a local park. Their simplicity and reliability make them very useful, and, most importantly, they do not require power.

You can set the number of hours for when they come on and remain on. It is much more economically feasible to use these timers instead of the complex wiring and to ensure lights are turned on and off only when they are needed.

No issues have been reported during their first month of working together.

  • It fully operates as expected when the light rope is turned on and off
  • A budget-friendly option.
  • Power outages do not affect them..
  • This product is not waterproof

8.Digital plug-in timer, outdoor, 7-days, by Woods 50015WD

Digital plug-in timer, outdoor, 7-days, by Woods 50015WD


We think this Woods outdoor digital light timer is a great choice if you are into gadgets and everything digital. The modern Xmas light timer comes equipped with an LCD display and a push-button to negate the need for traditional manual timer dials.

Additionally, it offers a manual override, as well as over 20 programming options for the remainder of the year. This is an amazing product for the price it comes at. The digital Christmas tree light timer will work for everyone, whether you’re a techie or gadget-lover.

With this product, you’ll be able to use it indoors or outdoors, rain or shine, regardless of the weather conditions.

As a result of its 34% horsepower, it’s ideal for heavy-duty appliances like pumps and heaters, as well as light installations for landscapes, security, or holidays.

Product Review

An online customer reported that it is easy to understand instructions, comes with over 20 different programs, is compact, and does not have a mechanical timer. It also comes with a large LCD timer display and two three-prong connectors.

It does not make sense for me to have individual control over the two sockets. Having the short cord is a plus for me because it’s mounted adjacent to an outdoor outlet.

  • Directions that are simple to follow
  • Timer readout on LCD
  • The program offers 20 different options..
  • A dramatic shift in light makes the unit’s time difficult to see.

9.ECO Plugs Outdoor Light Timer

ECO Plugs Outdoor Light Timer


You can now control your outdoor lights with this Outdoor Light Timer Outlet. Did you ever forget to turn off the outdoor Christmas lights? Do you have a hard time turning your Christmas lights on/off after spending a lot of time outside?

The best outdoor electrical outlets timer, the ECOPlugs outdoor light timer outlet, will allow you to turn on Christmas lights at preset times. There are 7 settings to choose from, and it has an outdoor waterproof timer.

The device is compatible with a variety of electrical outlets, pool pumps, outdoor lights, and Christmas lights. A dusk to dawn Light Switch Timer Photocell can be used to turn on or off lights at dusk and dawn. They can also be turned on at dusk and turned off two, four, six, or eight hours later.

A weatherproof and durable outlet for outdoor lights. The waterproof material of the outdoor timer allows outlets to run on rainy days, in order to prevent water from getting into outlets. The only requirement is that it be mounted vertically and at least 2 feet above the ground.

Changing the settings of the outlet for the outdoor light timer can be done by pushing the button. The timer is powered by a light sensor, the schedule can be set automatically based on the environment’s brightness. It can turn on or off depending on daylight or remain on all the time. The dusk to dawn light sensor timer allows you to turn Christmas lights off/on to save energy and money.

Product Review

According to one of the customers, this product is worth its price. The morning ritual of turning them off is no more. I probably forget to turn them off often enough that it pays for itself. Additionally, it is wonderful to walk through my house and see it already lit up when I get home from work. Life’s little pleasures make all the difference. My neighbor was so impressed that I bought him one as well. The guy is happy.

  • Changing the settings is easy.
  • Spend less
  • Maintains functionality even after a power outage and heavy rain
  • The digital display is not multicolored

Benefits of Outdoor Light Timer 

Don’t need to worry If no one is home

During the holiday season, doing things like setting a timer for outdoor lights and for indoor lights becomes more important than ever. Shorter days and longer nights are a sign of the approaching holiday season.

You probably won’t make it home in daylight. It is likely that walking into the dark house will have to be your last resort if there is nobody home. Some people might feel intimidated by that. If no one is home to take care of the lights, you can use outdoor light timers to automatically turn them on before you arrive home.

Save Money

Are you always forgetting to switch off your backyard lights after you use them during the day? A lot of people find themselves in this situation. A good idea is to install an outdoor lighting timer in place of your outdoor lighting system if you forget to turn it off all the time. In the long run, you’ll save a lot of money with this unit.

Save your time and energy

Christmas decoration with a Christmas light timer is the best way to make your home look festive during the holiday season. In the chilly weather, it would be cumbersome to turn on the outside Christmas decorations once they have been turned off.

It doesn’t matter how painful or inconvenient it is, you no longer have to live with all those bothers. You can enjoy your outdoor life more while saving valuable time and energy with outdoor light timers.

Home Security

Increasing the security of your home through outdoor lighting is also important. Intruders and burglars sometimes find outdoor landscape lighting to be an efficient deterrent. It will give others the illusion of somebody being there if you turn the lights on and off alternately and wisely.

It is not possible for someone to break into your home or apartment if you have an outdoor light timer or outdoor light sensor. A digital light timer is all you need. Plug it in and you’re good to go.

The programable light switch will then ensure the rest. You can set a time when your lights will turn on and off. In this way, even when you aren’t home, you will appear to be there.

Easy to use

Light switches with timers might seem complicated because there are many settings involved. Contrary to popular belief, the platform is extremely user-friendly. Everything will be as simple as ABC for you if you have experience setting an alarm clock. It is also a rather affordable item.

Affordable Price

Purchasing an alarm system for your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Quality models costing between $5 and $30 are available out there. There will be a small additional charge for those high-end models as well. You need to determine what you need. Give the outdoor light timer a try if you don’t already have one in your home. It’s definitely a great investment.

Buying Guide

Lighting switch timers: what are they?

Electronic light switch timers regulate lighting in residential or commercial buildings. A digital display allows for manual or electronic control, and they are frequently installed to save energy.

Using a timer, you can adjust the lighting levels twice a week, once a week, or weekly. Usually, existing light switches must be replaced as part of the installation process. Some versions of these switches can however be mounted on top of them.

Types of Timers for Lights

  • Photocells

Many outdoor timers include a small device known as a ‘photocell’ that detects light. When a photocell detects sunlight, it turns on devices automatically and keeps them powered for a specified amount of time. When lighting is required all night, this option is the best choice.

  • Mechanical

Precision clockwork is used in mechanical timers. These timers are usually set via a dial, just like kitchen timers. Scheduled lighting, appliances, and holiday decorations can be turned on and off at certain times.

  • Digital Timers

It is now easy to set up and operate digital timers thanks to new technologies. Furthermore, these timers are easy to operate, but also allow you to program more specific schedules, as well as a wide array of programming options. A digital timer usually has an LCD screen and allows more than one device to be controlled.

  • Timers that can be programmed for light switches

A range of timers for light switches can be programmed with different on and off settings, according to manufacturers. It was possible to integrate up to 56 timers within one memory location. Moreover, these devices can project different levels of lighting to create the illusion that someone is home. It is more versatile to use a programmable switch than a mechanical switch. Although they do require more complicated programming, they are still very useful.

  • Wireless Timers

A variety of digital devices are available to control these light switch timers remotely. An app for adjusting smart timers can be downloaded for smartphones or tablets. You can also use voice control with some of these timers via Bluetooth.

  • Exterior Light Timers

Timer switches can be used across a variety of outdoor scenarios to control levels of lighting. In general, these timers operate similarly to those used for lighting indoors, but they can also be used outside to illuminate porches, patios, and other outdoor spaces. You can set the lights to switch on in accordance with the amount of light outside. Furthermore, they are all-year-round wearable due to their waterproof nature.

Some Features to Consider

In the process of purchasing any product, what factors do you consider? Before purchasing any product, it is crucial to understand this. We will provide you with information on the important factors to consider when buying an outdoor timer. The first thing you should do is make sure you’re looking for an outdoor timer.

While buying outdoor timers for lights, make sure you look for these features.

Number of Switches

Light switch timers come in packs of two despite the fact that you can buy more than one for different lights in your house. Packs of two switch timers are generally more affordable and allow you to power more lights simultaneously.


To ensure that your switch has the capacity to handle power consumption, make sure it can handle the number of lights you have on. Even though these light switch timers are rated up to 1800 watts of maximum power, running home appliances with them should not be a problem.


It is very important for your timer to be weather-resistant since you will be using it for the majority of your outdoor appliances. Because of its outdoor location, it can be attached anywhere. Different types of weather can exist in a given area, and they can be completely unexpected. Due to these properties, you can use your timer regardless of the weather conditions. We should not consider weather resistance in terms of being resistant to just rain and snow. In hot weather, it should still function properly.

The number of programs

The value of a timer also depends on this quality. It varies from appliance to appliance how many programs you adjust. You can also vary greatly in how you want to make your appliances work. This is why it is important to establish how many programs there are. It is possible for a timer to have only one set. The market offers some timers that have several programs, however. With this attribute, you can set things up easily.

 Availability of outlets

A timer may control one or more devices, depending on this feature. You will find many timers that can control one device at the same time on one outlet. Timer types with dual outlets are, however, few and far between. You can use this feature to adjust the time on two different devices at once.

Backup battery

You will find this feature especially useful if you live in such an area as to experience power outages quite often. In order to resolve this issue, two features are needed. Having a backup battery is the first thing you need. The battery in this package includes a timer. During power outages, the battery backup provides energy to keep the computer running. In addition, memory features may also be useful here. While it won’t prevent your timer from getting closed, it will allow you to restore the settings it had stored. Volatile memory, like RAM, can also work just fine for these purposes, since long-term memory is not normally available in these timers.


As important as the quality of your light switch timers is their reliability and ability to handle heavy power loads so they can function for an extended period of time and prevent your lights from being damaged. Most of them come with a one-year warranty, and some even go up to five years.

Other features

Other features to consider include amperage and wattage capacities, cable length, input method, and the construction of the body, among others. With all these features, you can prolong the life of your timers and appliances as well as reduce energy consumption.

When you have a power cord that is long, it won’t be difficult to get to the nearest outlet. Rain or storms can expose it to damage. Therefore, it should be adequately shielded. Timer settings should make it easy for the user to turn the timer on and off. In order to ensure that your timer is safe, it should be constructed from a sturdy material. In addition, make sure your timer’s outlets are properly grounded.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do outdoor lights cease to work?

During one of these weather events, outdoor lighting systems can malfunction due to power outages, GFCI trips, and tripped breakers. Your outdoor lighting timer needs to be reset to fix this problem. You can find our “Reset,” “Restart” or “R” buttons on your timer. To reset your timer, press the Reset, Restart, or R button.

What are the mechanisms behind a light timer switch?

Lighting timers are electrical circuits that include a clock. Using a timer, you can control your lights and power sources by setting times that correspond to your wishes. With a range of sizes to choose from, these devices are equipped with controls that range from dials for circular dials to digital controls.


Outdoor timers help you save money by saving extra energy, but they also allow you to relax by taking the worry out of how your devices are turning on and off. Due to the wide variety of these timers, it is necessary to choose timers that are tailored to your specifications.

Here in this article, we have provided reviews and comparisons of the best outdoor timers. We also provide a basic buying guide for outdoor timers. It is difficult to select only one product from the list as the best one.

We believe that BN-LINK Compact Outdoor Mechanical 24 Hour Programmable Dual Outlet Timer is the best product on our list. The reasons behind this are its versatility in its settings and also its performance, durability, and battery backup as added benefits.

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