Christmas Light Show 2021 all over the world

Driving through neighborhoods sparkling with Christmas lights is one of our favorite holiday activities. It’s better to have a lot of lights if you have them at Christmas time. Around the world, people enjoy viewing festive Christmas lights during the winter holidays. These lavish holiday light displays will make viewers’ jaws drop regardless of the city they’re in.

This Christmas light entertainment offers a memorable holiday experience for the whole family as you walk or drive through twinkling displays. Aside from the lights, many of the festive events include food, entertainment, and the chance to see Santa.

As a result of our research, we compiled a list of the best Christmas light shows in 2021 based on factors such as how many lights are used and how festive they appear.

Christmas Light Show 2021

Christmas Light Shows in America

Blossoms of Light

Blossoms of Light is one of Denver Botanic Gardens’ most iconic light shows. It is displayed year-round but is especially stunning around the holidays. It has been more than three decades since the institution first illuminated the already awesome plants with stunning lights. Families can enjoy gawking at them and snapping pictures under them on York Street.

Rockefeller Center, New York City

For Christmas fans, this stunning Norway spruce at Rockefeller Center is decorated with over 45,000 lights and covered with five miles of wire. 1933 marked the lighting of the first tree in Center City Philadelphia. There are more than half a million people who go skating on the rink every day.

 Fantasy in Lights

Imagine an illuminated Christmas Forest stretching 2,500 acres and featuring a two-story tree? The Fantasy Lights on the grounds of Callaway Gardens in Georgia (U.S.A.) have been hailed as one of the most eye-popping holiday lights displays in the world. If you prefer, you can enjoy this year’s bright celebrations from the comfort of your own vehicle. Or you can take the Jolly Trolley the most popular option.

Los Angeles, California

If it’s about holiday lights in Angels City, you don’t have to just trust the pros to put a good show on. There are many (and free) holidays light displays in Woodland Hills, such as the appropriately named “Candy Cane Lane.

There are illuminated grounds at L.A. Zoo Lights if you’re looking to spend a bit of money on your experience. Do not miss the opportunity to take in the spectacular holiday lights display at the Mission Inn, wherever else you choose to go.

The charming castle-like hotel is an out-of-town attraction but watching the fireworks from its terrace next to over 5 million lights and lights is worth the trip.

Santa’s Village Christmas

Enjoy Santa’s North Pole cabin, open for a limited period between November 21, 2021, and January 10, 2022! It is one of the best Christmas lights show drives-thru in the United States. All good girls and boys are welcome to visit the Jolly One in his cozy cabin.

‘This year, Santa will make the Good List from his desk!’ He will be waiting for you there! Observe the Northern lights right outside Santa’s front door and feel the cold Polar air. Santa’s Village is marked by this pole in Sky Park.

Garabedian family Christmas house, the Bronx, New York, USA

The Garabedian family’s house will surely impress anyone who loves the colorful lights draped from gutters and illuminated reindeer adorning their roof. An apartment in the Bronx is decked out with thousands of twinkling lights all throughout December, and even depictions of famous figures including Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor.

Denver, Colorado

The Denver Botanic Gardens Hosts Blossoms of Light, one of the most spectacular light displays in and around the Denver area. With its interactive design and responsive audio, it is more Alice in Wonderland than a winter wonderland when it comes to lighting, but still extremely magical.

St. Augustine, Florida

A holiday treat awaits visitors in St. Augustine: the city is adorned with more than a million white lights every year. There will be plenty of holiday-related events going on during the Holidays at the Palace. If you plan to visit, make sure to go between November 20 and January 31 in 2021 to see the lights.

Pine Mountain, Georgia

Attending the Fantasy in Lights event at the Callaway Resort & Gardens, voted one of the top 10 light displays in the world by National Geographic, is one of the best ways to celebrate the holidays in Georgia. The Jolly Trolley ride through Callaway Gardens’ 2,500 acres of decorated grounds is also included with your ticket. You will also have the opportunity to meet Santa.

Macy’s State Street

There’s no better place to shop for the holidays than Macy’s State Street. It features many floors of gift shopping and a historic Walnut Room featuring the Great Tree. It’s even more magical outside, however. You can move from one storefront display to another through imaginatively decorated windows that tell a story about the holiday season.

Natchitoches, Louisiana

Throughout all of Louisiana, there are countless Christmas decorations, so much so that they offer a Holiday Trail of Lights that goes from town to town so visitors can see every light display possible.

But Natchitoches is by far the best town along that trail. Christmas light scenes and carriage rides through the historic district are all part of every weekend’s festivity. Shop, watch fireworks, and enjoy shopping.

Brookfield Zoo’s Holiday Magic

Over one million twinkling lights illuminate the 216-acre suburban Brookfield Zoo, one of Chicagoland’s largest and longest-running light festivals. An LED animal sculpture five times larger than life, a 600-foot tunnel of lights, and a 41-foot tree are all part of a light show you will surely never forget.

Christmas Light Show

Christmas light Shows Around the World

Vienna Dream Christmas Market, Austria

While in Austria over the holidays, be sure not to miss the Viennese Dream Christmas Market. In this year’s edition, the event will take place in front of City Hall on the Rathausplatz through December 26.

Bright colored lights make the surrounding trees glow pink and purple and make the carousel glow. Visitors are greeted at the market’s entrance by a luminous sign displaying the German phrase “Frohe Weihnachten.

Luci d’Artista, Salerno, Italy

Luci d’Artista is an annual festival of light installations and activities that illuminates the streets and squares of Salerno. There are a number of displays this year, including an illuminated zoo, a model of the night sky, and an homage to the Amalfi Coast with lemon tree-shaped lights. What else is a must-see?

There is a 60-foot Ferris wheel where one can observe the spectacular displays from above.

Plaisirs d’Hiver Belgium

Until January 6, Brussels will host the annual Winter Wonders festival, Plaisirs d’Hiver. Plaisirs d’Hiver is believed to attract 2.5 million visitors every year, as stated on the festival’s website.

The holiday market hosts food vendors beneath a massive Christmas tree. Several exhibitions and a skating rink are available on the market. During the 18th incarnation of the festival, a high-tech dome was added that offers spectators an immersive experience as they take in performances, concerts, and films.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Canyon Road Farolito Walk

It is not necessary to have LED lights to make your holiday decorations sparkle. The Canyon Road Farolito Walk, hosted every year by Santa Fe, has guests decorate adobe buildings and streets with farolitos.

Show up early if you want a chance to bag a coveted parking space. The walk takes place on Christmas Eve at dusk and lasts until late evening.

Kurfurstendamm Light show Germany

As the Christmas season approaches in Berlin, Germany, beautiful lights and trees adorn Kurfürstendamm and its surrounding areas. In Berlin, Germany, you can also find a variety of Christmas markets with artisanal goods, traditional foods, and gifts. For those interested in celebrating holidays, this city makes a great choice.

Amsterdam Light Festival. Netherlands

The Amsterdam Light Festival will take place on Thursday, December 10, an annual installation of light in the city’s center by international artists. With “When Nature Calls,” this year’s theme explores a connection between light art and the history of the city.

Rather than view the show from the water, this scaled-down version of it will be viewed by walking. There is plenty of time to view Amsterdam at its most dazzling before the festival ends in January.

Christmas Market in Edinburgh, Scotland

The illuminated Ferris wheel at the heart of Edinburgh’s Christmas market is a highlight and surrounded by beautiful holiday lights. The streets are also filled with dozens of vendors who sell goods every year.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris hosts a series of holiday events from November to January. Rafiki’s stick shaken, you could hear festive sing-alongs and see a Christmas parade. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by glitter and finery to make you feel truly festive, whether you’re a kid or an adult.

Solana Lifestyle Mall, Beijing, China

China’s shopping centers become festive at Christmastime. There is a special treat for the Solana Lifestyle Mall, which is engulfed in tinsel and lights, its steps brilliance with blue illuminations, and its trees abound with gaudy ornaments! Shopping enthusiasts flock from far and wide to see the display, making it somewhat of a festival. Last year, a whole parade of shops was covered with a tunnel of lights.

Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon Brazil

The floating Christmas tree has been a Brazilian tradition for more than 20 years. It was unveiled in Rio de Janeiro in 2012, a tower 280 feet tall and weighing 500 tons or more. Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon hosts the 230-foot-tall Christmas tree this year. In addition to the lights that appear periodically, more than 2 million lights decorate the tree. There hasn’t been a floating tree in two years. Strong winds from a storm severely damaged the tree in 2015.

Village de Noël, Nice, France

Village de Nol in Nice, a holiday wonderland, hosts a wealth of holiday activities throughout December. A Christmas market, an ice-skating rink, and twinkling lights await you at this impressive event. There are many amazing displays along the Promenade du Paillon, but head to Place Massena for the most stunning ones.

Nathan Phillips Square Canada

The Nathan Phillips Square Holiday Fair in Toronto is a free event. The lights from the three arches, as well as the Christmas tree, are what make this event so bright. A carousel and Santa Claus are all part of the fair, which includes a slew of vendors. This event will last until Dec. 23.

Symphony of Lights, Hong Kong

A holiday market, window display, and concert are all part of Hong Kong’s urban offerings during the holiday season. Lighting is another consideration. An extravagantly choreographed neon display on over 40 skyscrapers surrounding Victoria Harbor is the centerpiece of the Symphony of Lights show, held nightly at 8 p.m.

Kobe Luminaire Japan

The Kobe metropolitan area holds this spectacular light show every year around Christmas time to commemorate the 6,400 people who were killed in the Great Hanshin earthquake that occurred in 1995. There are over 3 million visitors to the exhibits every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you create an excellent Christmas light display?

Light displays with a theme are some of the best. Christmas can be focused on one aspect, letting it shine through. Moreover, it keeps you organized and on track so that you can make a cohesive collection. If you put an inflatable Grinch next to a nativity scene, for example, that wouldn’t necessarily go together.

How can you create an excellent Christmas light display?

Light displays with a theme are some of the best. Christmas can be focused on one aspect, letting it shine through. Moreover, it keeps you organized and on track so that you can make a cohesive collection. If you put an inflatable Grinch next to a nativity scene, for example, that wouldn’t necessarily go together.


The light shows of each country are unique. The most lavish light shows in the world often have an entry fee, but there are many that are free to the public in public spaces. In our list, we highlight some of the most spectacular Christmas light shows in the United States and around the world. If you would like to go to a light show during the holiday season this article will assist you in choosing the best location.

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