Christmas Table Decorating Ideas 2022

Adding festive touches to your kitchen table is an excellent way to build the most of every square inch of counter space during the holiday season. The options for Christmas table decorations ideas this year are practically limitless, with anything from easy-to-make DIY projects for the kids to stunning centerpieces that won’t break the budget.

Your Christmas tablescape must reflect the spirit of the season without a lot of fuss. Anything goes as long as it’s not extravagant or pricey. These centerpieces, Christmas table settings, flower arrangements, and runners are just as simple to put together as the other decorating ideas we’ve featured this season. It may be accomplishing many of these tasks while visitors indulge in their favorite holiday snacks.

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by putting on some Christmas music, setting up some placemats for the table, and arranging some seasonal flowers? Even the most dismal visitors can have a good time at your Christmas party with one of our many festive table decorations. Choose from traditional red and green or a more muted Scandinavian motif, or go all out with the Shiny Brite hues.

There are so many options for Table Decorating Ideas for you to choose from them and make your Christmas Beautiful.

Christmas Table Decorating Ideas 2021

Fresh Greens

Crystal pinecones, green hydrangea, pears, and white amaryllis make a beautiful winter centerpiece that evokes nature’s splendor. In addition to placing a pinecone on top of each napkin, you may wrap the white pillar candles in green vellum and put them on saucers for an added dose of whimsy.

Woodland Table

It just takes a few minutes to make! Moss may be purchased from florists or online and laid up around a centerpiece, such as a gnarled log or pile of stones. Go to craft shops or nurseries or search your garden for additional if you need them. Place miniature potted houseplants or fern cuttings in nooks and crannies. Use bud vases, votive candles, and taper around the arrangement to complete the look.

Feathers and Ice

Tabletop icicles are made of glass cake stands and small-footed vases: Tuck orbs and sparkly feathers among the imitation plants to provide a hint of sparkle.

Curtain of Light

Lobster & Swan shopkeeper and photographer Jeska Hearne of Lobster & Swan had created a lovely, welcoming Christmas table perfect for lingering late into the night. Seasons may be accommodated by the tablecloth’s chicly scrunched linen texture and a gentle, washed-out color palette of peach nectar, cream, and brown hues.

For a romantic Christmas dinner, a mix of candles and fairy lights placed up in a window behind a linen curtain that resembles the tablecloth creates lovely diffused ambient light.

Winter Whites

There is a winter centerpiece of white chrysanthemums and white pine. A birch-looking pillar candle serves as the centerpiece of a wooden bowl that holds the rest of the arrangement. Once you’ve sliced your foam in half, moistened it, and put it in a bowl, you’re ready to go.

 Insert pine branches with mum stems into foam before placing the candle in the middle. Among the white chrysanthemums available are spider chrysanthemums, light-skinned football mums, and white garden mums. Finish the look with a dusting of gray-green dusty miller.

Cranberry Candles

Arrange five votive candles (in a range of Christmas colors) in such a line along with a red rectangular casserole plate for a simple but magnificent centerpiece. A few pine twigs and fake snow are all that’s needed to finish the meal.

Colorful Baubles

Using a silver dish, fill it with various vividly colored decorations. Fill up any empty area on the cake stand by covering holly and evergreens.

Centerpieces made out of Mason Jars

With only a few supplies, you can make a red Mason jar centerpiece for the holidays this year. ‘Yellow Bliss Road’ came up with the idea for this table decoration to provide a little Christmas cheer to her dining room table.

There is a length of the centerpiece, two different styles of Mason jar alternate. The bottom of a mason jar is loaded with Epsom salt, and a beeswax votive candle is placed on top.

With the same quantity of Epsom salt, this stylish Mason jar has the top section filled with imitation cranberries and adorned with a few green juniper berries on top of it.

Wintry Scandi

Emily Henderson Design’s wintry Scandi-inspired design has simple table linens, a pot of pine leaves, miniature tree figurines, and mansion porcelain votive candles that appeal to kids of all ages.


Anita Joyce, a blogger from Cedar Hill Farmhouse, used a white and silver color scheme to create a bright and airy Christmas table. They were mixing and matching old and antique Christmas china with white dinnerware. Deer figurines adorned in sparkling silver studs and enormous silver tree ball decorations placed on little boxwood wreaths complete the festive look. A vase filled with lush greens and berries offers a burst of color and a sense of freshness.


Sugar and Charm blogger Eden Passante used a contemporary, woodsy motif for her Tennessee cabin’s Christmas table. Details such as bright green candles and napkins, striped linen table cloth, vases full of white flowers, seasonal foliage, olive wood tissue paper, and charging plates contribute to the domestic appeal of the table.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decorate for the holidays?

Set a dramatic tone with your tablescape. To begin, choose colors that coordinate with those in your dining table or other rooms in your home. Create a focal point with a basic tablecloth and a beautiful table runner. Look for dramatic candelabras, lace napkins, and historical napkin holders if you’re going for a retro theme.

What are the rules for a table centerpiece?

Your tall pieces should be at least 24″ high, and your small ones should be no less than 12″ in height. Concerned customers may be reluctant to use large centerpieces. If your customer chooses to get rid of the stalls, you’ll have to make some changes to your décor. There is no point in having a dingy, uninspiring area.

What are the six principles of floral design?

Floral design is based on six basic ideas.

A component’s size in Floral Design is based on its aesthetic appearance rather than its actual size. The six Design Principles are Harmony, Contrast, Authority, Proportion, Scale, Rhythm.

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