Christmas tree Farms in NJ in 2022

Every year, cutting down a Christmas tree begins the holiday season for many families. There’s nothing more festive than cutting down your tree at one of the Christmas trees farms in NJ during the holiday season.

Depending on your family’s goals, the process can last between an hour and a half to several hours. In addition to seasonal farm activities like Santa visits and wagon rides, farms offer refreshments to keep you energized while you search.

You don’t want to cut your tree? You can usually get it cut and drilled and bundled at most farms.

If you want a great Christmas tree to display in your home this season, New Jersey has many great farms to choose from.

We’ve compiled a list of New Jersey Christmas tree farms if you’re considering cutting your tree this year.

Christmas tree Farms in NJ

Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm

The holiday spirit of Wyckoff is evident, as over 5,000 trees can be picked at their location. The company also sells bouquets, caskets, and other items in addition to fresh-cut trees.

Additionally, Wyckoff is the official Christmas tree supplier to the White House, having won numerous awards for their perfectly shaped trees. It costs $10 per foot to cut your own trees, plus an additional charge of $4 per foot for coloration.

Additionally, you can pick up fresh wreaths, white pine rope, and more at this location. You can tailgate in Wyckoff’s parking lot. During the process of shopping for a Christmas tree, families can sit here and chat with their neighboring families.

Address: 249 County Road 519, Belvidere

Keris Christmas Tree Farm & Shop

There is no need to wait until Christmas Eve to purchase a tree at this charming family-owned farm. They also sell fresh bouquets, ornaments, and pre-cut trees as well as bundled trees and pre-cut trees at Keris Tree Farm.

Wreaths and rope are also available, as well as pre-cut Fraser Firs from North Carolina. Locally made Christmas décor and gift items are available in the Christmas shop, and Santa often stops by to visit children.

There is a winter wonderland in the Christmas shop, with crafts, decorations, and gifts for the holiday season. There will be family days in the first two weekends of December.

Experience the true spirit of the holidays at the farm where you can meet Santa, sip hot cocoa, and enjoy the true essence of the holidays.

Address: 848 Route 524, Allentown

Edwards Christmas Tree Farm

There is a choice and cut tree selection and a balled and bur lapped tree selection at Edwards. They also have saws available for you to choose from and cut your trees, so you can take them home.

There are a range of sizes for balled and bur lapped trees, including bur lapped and basketed trees. There are several varieties of trees to choose from, including some that reach over 15 feet in height.

If you wish to cut it down yourself, you can borrow a saw or ask a staff member to do it. The event also offers free tree carts, free wrapping, and free-cutting services. Be sure to decorate the front door or the fireplace with a freshly made wreath or pine rope.

A variety of handcrafted wreaths are also available, from traditional circles to unique shapes like candy canes, snowflakes, and Christmas trees.

Address: 338 Jacobs town-Cookstown Road, Wrightstown

Evergreen Valley Christmas Tree Farm

Visit this stunning family-owned farm located on 145 acres of beautiful countryside and take a wagon ride to pick your own tree. Guests can enjoy scenic forest and mountain views while cutting the right tree for their space at this third-generation family farm.

A new field of Norway spruce, Douglas fir, and blue spruce has been planted on the farm in addition to more than 10,000 trees ready for cutting.

The farm also has pre-cut Fraser firs available for purchase. Fresh Christmas decor and trees stands are available for purchase as well.

Address: 71 Jackson Valley Road Washington Township, NJ

Cherryville Farms, Pittstown

There are five different tree species at Cherryville Farms, each trimmed and grown differently. Cherryville Farms have every Christmas lover giddy as ever with its rows of full pines and firs.

Cherryville Farms’ owners carefully trim their trees both short and tall to provide both skinny and full trees. There are two options available to you: you can either cut down your perfect tree yourself or let them do it for you.

There are several wood options to choose from, including Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Douglas Fir, Canaan Fir, and Concolor Fir. You can also purchase wreaths and crafts at the gift shop.

Address: 352 Quakertown Road, Pittstown

Picea Acres

At Picea Acres, you will find everything you need to cut, store, and bale your own Christmas tree. Discover the perfect centerpiece for your Christmas celebration by going to the fields with your family or continuing a tradition.

Each tree collected from Picea Acres is replaced and a baby tree is given to you to plant at home. The owner of Picea Acres, which started as a house and a few acres of land, now runs a large tree farm there.

Additionally, there are burial blankets, ropes, and bouquets for sale. 

Address: Jackson Township, 50 South New Prospect Road

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me when the best time to visit the farm is?

On weekends, the farms are busiest from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Our recommendation is to come on a weekday if possible, so you avoid congestion.

 Is my pet allowed?

Depending on the farm, you may or may not bring your pet. You should check the websites of these farms for any changes in the rules.


There are several well-established Christmas tree farms in New Jersey that have been in business for generations. Not only have they maintained their standards, but they have also modernized to make things as easy for customers as possible.

You can cut your own Christmas tree or purchase one on the farms mentioned above if you do not know where to buy a tree. These farms are also family-friendly, so you would be able to enjoy a memorable vacation with your family.

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