How to Change fuse in Christmas Lights ( Complete Guide)

To spend hours carefully stringing holiday lights around the inside or outside of your house only to have them not work when you plug them in is incredibly disappointing. Often, the problem with light sets is not the bulbs, but a blown fuse, which will take you hours to fix. A fuse has blown if all the mini lights in your house have gone out. Power surges, overloads, and short circuits are all prevented by Christmas lights’ fuses.

Make sure the fuses are working if you don’t have working Christmas lights. Replace them quickly and easily to save yourself a lot of frustration and time. A series of mini lights sets causes this problem. Using your mini lights specification to see how many lights can be connected in series will help you figure out what to do.

Replacing your fuses will fix your issue and you will hopefully be back in business. It is also possible that a bulb is not seated properly. In this case, check to see if the bulb is seated correctly or if the bulb base is damaged.

How to Change fuse in Christmas Lights

  1. Plug Cover Location

Christmas lights must be unplugged.

Remove the lights from the plugs before opening the cover. Whenever you work with anything electrical, it’s a good idea to unplug it first. Keep away from electrical outlets. Be careful not to get electrocuted.

You need to find the wall socket. Pull the socket from the wall with a firm grip. Avoid pulling out cords from sockets. When you pull out light sockets from cords, your lights may be damaged.

If the lights still don’t work, test them again. See if the lights come on when you turn on the switch.

Find the male sockets.

A male socket is one that has a plug, unlike a female socket that only has a slot. Those will be the ones connected to other light strands or plugged into the wall. Verify the gender of each socket.

In Christmas tree lights, fuses are only found in male sockets. Collected all inoperative light strands. You may have to replace several fuses if more than one strand is malfunctioning.

Don’t forget to check all the male sockets that aren’t working. It is impossible for the entire light string to function if one fuse is blown.

Check the socket to make sure it is configured correctly and marked.

An arrow will be seen pointing away from the cord on most marked outlets, and there is usually a sliding door behind which the fuse is concealed. Identify the socket section that is marked.

The fuses are located under the plug. Identify the socket by looking for arrows. The male end of the plug should be facing away from the cord. Fuse boxes need to be located behind sliding doors. Fuse covers are revealed underneath the panel marked with an arrow.

  • Replacement of the damage Fuse

You need to open the fuses

Some holiday lights feature a sliding door that allows you to access the fuse panel directly. An arrow will indicate the sliding door on one side of the plug cover so that it points away from the cord.

The sliding door of some plug covers is tightened by screws, and they can only be unlocked by unwinding them with a screwdriver. Fingernails on the grooves of the socket door allow you to slide the concealing door open to access the fuse panel.

A screwdriver or utility knife will fit between the closed door and the gap, and you can then push the door up to open it. It is important not to apply too much pressure when using a screwdriver or utility knife in order to avoid damaging the socket, fuse, or fuse panel.

Take the fuses out of the Christmas lights

The fuse panel doors should be completely open in order to reveal all the fuses. Some lights have two fuses, while others will only have one. The fuses should fall onto your hand when you open the fuse panel.

If not, remove the fuses from their panels using a flat-head screwdriver. Make sure you do not lose the fuses when prying them from their slot; they are very small and can be easily lost.

Examine the fuses that have been removed

Fuses that have burned out have an obvious burnt color on the outside. You may need to use a voltmeter or a fuse tester to test for burnt fuses since some burns won’t be obvious. If you have a Lightkeeper Pro or LED Keeper, you will find a Fuse Tester inside.

Lightkeeper Pro devices and LED Keepers feature a Fuse Tester slot found at the top of both devices, which can be used to check for blown fuses. Make sure both sides of the fuse are touching the metal contacts. The top of the device should glow red if the fuse is functioning properly.

The absence of light indicates that your fuse has blown, and you cannot use your lights anymore. If you don’t have a tool with a fuse tester inbuilt, you can look under the bright sky or against a light source to see if there is a wrongly blown fuse.

Whenever you see a wire running evenly between the metal ends of the fuse, you can be sure the fuse is running.

Your primary goal will be to determine the appropriate time to replace the fuses and the appropriate time not to replace them, as some power supplies come with two fuses and may not require you to remove both.

  • The Installation of new Fuses

Your lights came with a replacement fuse

If you have any replacement fuses, hopefully, you saved them. Unless you can find spare fuses in an electronics store, you may have to find a local retailer. Take note of where the spare fuses are.

Spare fuses are often included with Christmas light sets. If you have taken the spare fuses out of the plastic bags, remember where you put them. Be sure to keep them away from other electronic devices and Christmas lights.

A good place to get spare fuses is an electronics store. It may be necessary for you to go to an electronics store if you’ve lost the fuses. It is also possible to find other stores that do not offer Christmas lights or electrical repairs.

Replace the fuses

Reinstall the spare fuses in the plug door once they have been located. Make sure they are not damaged when you put them in. When not handled with care, fuses are fragile and easily breakable.

Using the fuse socket, insert the fuses. Make sure they don’t feel forced into it. Place them where they belong. The plug door should be closed after both fuses have been secured.

In order to keep them in place, the screws should be firmly inserted into the fuse socket grooves. Plug in the power cord. Put the fuse back in place by using a flathead screwdriver or kitchen knife.

Reconnect the lights to the outlet

Check your Christmas lights after you have replaced the fuses. Burned fuses may not be the only issue if the lights do not work after replacing them. Close the socket door firmly.

Fuse placement is important. Replace the light socket with the plug.  Lights are ideal when they are on. You may not need to replace your fuses if your lights are not working. Verify your cords aren’t frayed, make sure all bulbs are working, and check your socket for damage.

Check the source of the problem if it doesn’t work

If your Christmas lights do not illuminate after you have replaced the fuses, there must be a problem other than simply burnt fuses. To determine the source of your problems and fix them, you can perform the following:

  • Using a circuit tester to check your power outlet
  • If you have Christmas lights, ensure that no wires are broken
  • Checking the electrical socket for corrosion
  • Check for loose bulbs and tighten them
  • Quick fixes using the LED Keeper or Lightkeeper Pro
  • Placing spare bulbs in place

Safety tips for changing Fuse in Christmas Lights

  • Shocks, fires, and nasty cuts may result from a broken or missing bulb.
  • Before you hang your home or tree, replace any missing or broken bulbs. You can purchase replacement bulbs from home improvement stores as well as with lights.
  • You will need a ladder if you intend to decorate your home’s exterior. The ladder you choose is crucial. Electric shocks are possible when using metal ladders.
  • You should always look for the UL seal wherever you live, regardless of the climate. The lights come with a certificate that certifies they meet industry standards.
  • Be sure to only use extension cords that are rated for outdoor use. Wet or cold environments aren’t suitable for using indoor extension cords.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to detect blown Christmas light fuses?

By looking inside a glass cylinder, there will sometimes be a break in the metal filament. If the fuse has blown, you can usually tell by sight. We recommend replacing the blown fuse with a similar-sized and rated one.

Is there a fuse on every Christmas light?

The male end of most Christmas lights has a fuse. Troubleshooting Christmas lights begin with checking if the entire string has gone out.

Why do Christmas lights have two fuses?

There are typically two tiny fuses on the AC line of these solar lights, located inside the plug. It is possible that the fuses can melt or explode and prevent fires before the copper wires of the string burn.


Electronic devices are susceptible to damage. Damage to them will likely lead to you spending time and money to replace them. The fuse for Christmas lights is no different. Faulty string light fuses can ruin Christmas. You will find all the essential details to change the fuse of your Christmas lights here. Furthermore, we have provided some additional factors that may damage your Christmas lights. This article also consists of some safety features to prevent unwanted situations. We hope this article will be helpful to you in some way.

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