How to Decorate a Cake with Strawberries ( Complete Guide)

How to Decorate a Cake with Strawberries ( Complete Guide)

  Making and decorating cakes with strawberries is fun as well as delicious. The process if done properly can provide an excellent product, but if not, then you will get nothing but a bunch of blunders.

Here you will learn how to create a simple frosting for the beginners that they can easily follow, as well as those who are in a hurry or lack the time to decorate their cake professionally so they can use this article to create a professional-looking cake in less time.

All people enjoy strawberries, even those with a wee bit of a sweet tooth. This is a versatile food that has a wide range of uses including decorating, eating, in skincare, and coloring dishes and cakes. However, I have decided to use this amazing fruit as a cake decoration, so that your cake will have an even more awesome appearance.

How to Decorate a Cake with Strawberries

3 Easy Steps to decorate a Cake with Strawberries like a Pro

  1. Frosting the cake
  • Ensure that the cake has cooled completely after baking it. 

If you haven’t already taken it out of the pan, let it cool for 10 to 15 minutes from the pan. Cool the item on a wire rack until it reaches room temperature. A cake’s thickness and the temperature of the kitchen will determine how long it takes.

It takes about 20 to 60 minutes for cake to reach room temperature. The cake may be filled after it has been removed from the pan if you wish to slice it before it is filled. Having a cake sliced will speed up the cooling process!

  • Make a layered cake by spreading frosting on the first layer. 

With a cake decorating spatula, spread it over the first layer of buttercream frosting. Ideally, the frosting layer should be between 1/4 and 2/4 inches thick (0.64 and 1.27 cm). Slice a prebaked sponge cake into thirds or halves first.

  • The second layer should be placed on top of the first.

Strawberry jam, as well as custard, a combination of berries, and mousse all work well, but you can also try other fillings. It is important that the filling reaches the corners of the cake. If you want richer cake, you can sandwich slices of strawberries between the layers of the second layer and apply buttercream underneath. The second layer must be pressed hard enough so that it adheres to the filling, but without oozing out.

  • The cake should be frosted on top and sides. 

Smooth out the frosting with a cake decorating spatula after scooping it on top. It is also possible to smooth and cover the sides of the cake with more frosting. The sides of the cake will gain some texture by running a cake decorating comb around them. In appearance, combs appear to be rectangles with teeth carved out of one side.

  • Refrigerate the cake.

Strawberry preparation should be done at the time the frosting is setting. Using the strawberries that you have already washed, hulled, and sliced, you can begin working on the frosting. It is not necessary to set the frosting for a specific amount of time. Simply make it firm enough so that the strawberries can be held on top.

  1. Creating an iconic design 
  • Strawberries, 1 quart, thinly sliced 

The strawberry should be sliced lengthwise with a paring knife 14-18 inches thick.

  • Invert strawberries

Placing strawberries with their points facing out in a ring around the outside of the cake will give your cake its decorative appearance.

  • Cover the cake with overlapping circles 

The cake will be layered with concentric rings of strawberries, slightly overlapping each layer. More rings will give the cake more height and dimension, so the strawberries will stand up. Make the center of the vase strawberry shaped.

Cover the strawberries with a thin layer of preserves 

Melt 1/4 cup seedless raspberry preserves in the microwave until they are soft. Apply a thin layer of preserves over the strawberry to give them a nice sheen.

Chopping strawberries to make roses 

  • Take a strawberry and place it on the fork. 

Insert the strawberry tip forward into the fork, so that it points outward from the base. It is best to use strawberries that are slightly bent to achieve the desired effect.

  • Start by cutting the first petal.

Sliding a downward slice into the berry’s base will create the first petal. You will still need to add a few more petals to the base, so make sure the petal is not too large.

  • Use a knife to fan out the petals.

Lightly twist the blade sideways while still inside the strawberry so that the petals emerge. A more accurate rose petal look can be achieved by rolling the tip of the petal.

  • Repetition of steps 2 and 3 is required.

In order to achieve a lush strawberry base, repeat steps two and three. It is best to have four petals on each side of the base. If you have more than four, don’t worry! Every rose is unique.

  • Put a second layer of petals together.

You can cut the second tier of strawberry petals using the same procedure. Switch up your bottom row spacing.

  • Give the strawberry a finishing slice. 

Last but not least, add a slice down into the top of the strawberry to complete your strawberry rose. Cut the tip of the flower just shallowly enough to leave a few small petals. Strawberry roses have been prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should strawberries be washed without becoming soggy?

You can clean berries perfectly by dipping them in a combination of three parts water to one part distilled white vinegar. Additionally, this process prolongs the shelf life of the berries since it thoroughly rinses them. Do not soak the berries in the vinegar and water mixture because the vinegar flavor will be absorbed into the berries.

What is the best way to put strawberries on a cake?

Put the strawberries on the cake after they have been washed and cut. Cover the strawberries with warm fruit preserves to add a glossy shine and make them stand out. Drizzle the strawberry preserves over the berries, rather than brushing them on. There’s less chance of getting glaze on your frosting since it’s more precise.


You can not think of many celebrations without a cake. Many people love to eat strawberry cakes. It is recommended to make the appearance of cake look beautiful and charming. If you also want to increase the joy of your celebration, follow the steps mentioned above in the article to make a stunning and eye-catching cake.

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