How To Decorate a Christmas Tree ( Complete Guide)

                      Every home has a Christmas tree during the holiday season. Would you like to know how to decorate your Christmas tree in a professional manner? Take advantage of these easy tips and tricks to create a shabby chic look for your house!

How To Decorate a Christmas Tree

There are many elements we are all familiar with on Christmas trees, such as lights, garlands, ornaments, and tinsel. You have virtually endless options when it comes to choosing a holiday tree to express your style, personality, background, and surroundings. A truly beautiful Christmas tree is adorned with a mix of ornaments, ornaments made by hand, and ornaments from the store.

You are not sure what you want to do this year with your tree? There are plenty of Christmas tree theme ideas, as well as handcrafted ornament ideas that allow you to make your holiday decorations personal.

Here are the simple steps you can follow to decorate a Christmas tree like a pro once you’ve found your inspiration.

Perfect Tools

As with any task, before we begin, we need to ensure that the tree is set up safely and correctly. This includes

  • The gloves are made of cotton and are used to shape branches
  • Safety-handled scissors for materials, Equipment, or packaging, etc.
  • If your tree is taller than a step stool, you’ll need a sturdy ladder or ladder stand.
  1. Make Sure that Your Tree is of High Quality

The premium materials used in the construction of Christmas trees offer sturdy and reliable support for decorations. The look and feel of high-quality trees last for years while being able to withstand repeated use year after year.

It is advisable to choose a traditional tree, rather than one that is trend-driven, so that it will not go out of style after a few years, and you will be able to decorate it however you wish.

The popularity of pre-lit Christmas trees is increasing every year, becoming a household favorite. Remember to choose models equipped with advanced features that make setting up and storing your Christmas tree easy.

As an alternative, you can also buy a real Christmas tree at tree farms, markets, or in home improvement stores if you would like.

  • Make the branches fluffy

We rarely get the chance to have a real tree for Christmas because we normally decorate so early Similarly, artificial trees have been a part of our childhood. Thus, we cannot really argue on what you should do as you prepare to decorate your real tree.

There are a few things that you need to do before you get your hands on glitter and flock if you’re like me and decorating an artificial Christmas tree. It’s important to fluff your Christmas tree’s branches as you put it up after removing it from the box or bag.

The shape of your tree will be lost if it’s kept stuffed in a bag or box for a long period of time. Additionally, fluffing the artificial tree branches will preserve the natural look of the tree and cover up any unattractive ‘holes’ in the branches.

  • Extend the Branches

The step you’re most likely to spend the most time on is the one where you’re a perfectionist. You must arrange these branches perfectly so they can serve as a canvas for your decorations.

Begin by straightening the tips of each branch at the bottom and work your way up with the tips. Create an organic appearance by fanning the tips from the branch in different directions. Make sure every branch is stacked well and all gaps are filled after you have arranged each layer.


We are going to decorate a beautiful tree, but before we do so, I wanted to briefly touch on choosing a color scheme. Homemade ornaments are popular with some, while modern farmhouse looks are popular with others.

Nevertheless, others might prefer an all-gold tree, an all-silver tree, or a tree in another color.

You may have a different style from year to year or you may have a similar style for many years to come.

Decide what style you will use for the decorations this year before you start decorating the tree. Be prepared by having your decorations ready to use.

The rest of these tips will fall into place once you have that done.

  • Let’s begin with the lights

The next step in bringing your Christmas tree to life is to decorate it with lights. You can also buy black tree lights now if your tree is black. Tree lights tend to come on green or white wire strands. Choose a color that will blend in with your tree so that the wires cannot be seen.

The most dynamic look for your Christmas tree can be achieved by lighting it from the inside out. As you wrap lights around each major branch, start at the base and work your way up. Follow the tree around and fluff the branches. Christmas lights come in a wide variety of types to suit your tree’s decorations.

  • Electric Lights Using Incandescent

They are the most popular type of tree lights since they come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are also suitable for outdoor use. A real tree’s branches are warmed, which releases the fragrance of pine in the room.

  • Lights with LEDs

Traditional incandescent lights cannot produce heat, unlike these new Christmas tree lights. In most cases, they are more expensive, but they are flame- and fire-resistant, and they are completely safe to use on Christmas trees.

  • Lights of the Globe

There are many sizes and shapes of these round Christmas tree lights. In addition to their soft glow, sphere lights cover a wider area on the tree than mini lights.

  • The Lights of Bubbles

Your Christmas tree will look amazing with these retro lights. Bubbles float up and down inside the tube on the top of the light when the liquid tube warms up, resembling one of those lava lamps. If you don’t like one lighting scheme, try another; it is okay to mix and match. You can wrap colored lights around the outer parts of the tree to highlight a background of white lights or clear lights.

  • Tree toppers

The topper is usually considered the final touch to a freshly decorated tree, but it can be quite hard to secure when it’s fully decked out. According to Vanessa Arbuthnott, CEO and Founder of Vanessa Arbuthnott, a Christmas tree is incomplete without a main point settled on the top of the branches.

We prefer to decorate simply with simple wooden or homemade paper decorations instead of buying plastic, sequins, and tinsel decorations.

Tamara Kelly, Shopping Editor, offers a few suggestions on what you can do. You can adorn the gift with a star, a fairy, or an oversized ribbon bow. In my opinion, traditional tree toppers are not our cup of tea.

It is often difficult to handle them. To make our favorite ornament the centerpiece of the tree, we will opt to top it off with my favorite decoration.

  • Start decorating and hanging key baubles

If you put the heavy decorations toward the center of the tree first, the branches will support the weight. To catch the light from within the depth of the tree, fill the area around the middle of the tree with inexpensive incidental glitter or shiny ornaments.

They can be placed in the branches of a fake tree without needing to be hung. By now, the tree will be more three-dimensional and fascinating because all the gaps inside will be filled.

The basal baubles should be large, and the middle and top baubles should be medium sized. Use matt, shiny, glittery decorations and only three or four colors. Your tree will appear deeper and more interesting if you do this.

  • Ribbon layers and styles

You can also layer decorative ribbons on your tree, which will make it appear much more impressive. Ribbons can be paired with different widths and textures to create a more dramatic effect. The wired edge of ribbons makes them easier to sculpt into loops or rolls, and they hold their shape better than non-wired ribbons. According to Brad Schmidt, these ribbons are easier to sculpt into loops or rolls.


Make your Christmas tree appear larger by adding picks throughout its body. It will add depth, fill in hollows, and fill in any holes you find. It is recommended that the picks extend beyond the ends of the branches, but they should also be angled, as appropriate – some downwards, some upwards, and some sideways.

It may be necessary to turn over the picks most near the top, so you do not view the underside of the tree. The tree is staggering with all kinds of picks. Place picks of different types far apart from each other. It is usually better to have several picks together than just one pick.

You might find it helpful to combine three different kinds of picks. Using a woody object (with or without leaves) and combining it with something full will look nice. On the bottom will be the longest pick, next will be the shortest pick, and finally the shortest pick will be on top.

Then, twist both parts together after fluffing all the picks. You will appear more professional and natural in this way. It’s a no-no to use flat picks.

  1. Lastly, cover the tree with a skirt

 An ornament skirt completes your decorations and also gives your Christmas tree a balanced and elegant appearance. As well as providing protection from falling pine needles (if your tree is real) and covering unsightly limbs, trunks or stands of trees, tree skirts have many other benefits.

This helps to produce a complete, harmonious look by adding focus to the tree’s lower portion. You can also wrap beautiful Christmas gifts against it. You can also opt for a tree rug if your tree is potted or in a basket.

Here are some tips on how to use ribbon on a Christmas tree.

Our Christmas celebrations would not be complete without a Christmas tree. A festive and colorful ribbon can add a festive touch to your Christmas tree. Ribbons are a great way to decorate Christmas trees. Here are some tips.

  • A blank tree is the starting point.
  • Christmas trees ought to always be adorned with ribbon before anything else. Various surfaces and widths are available for planning strips.
  • Next, cut three distinct sections into strips, each about four feet long.
  • Lay two of the strips over each other and squeeze them in the center after you’ve cut a 4-foot strip from each of your three-planning lace moves.
  • After you’ve tied the two ends together, tie the third strip firmly around the two ends.
  • When adding a strip package to the tree, you place it far down a branch, and then wrap a wire branch around it to keep it in place.
  • Regardless of whether you have a genuine tree, you should probably secure it with wire. The lace is then extended, and the edges of the finishes are tucked arbitrarily into the tree.
  • It is intended that the comic strip look as though it is on the way to being all-good.

According to a survey from the American Christmas Tree Association, more than 95 million households displayed a Christmas tree in 2018. 

Frequently Asked Questions


You can set up an artificial Christmas tree as part of a complex plan, to create a great memory with your family, to relax after a long day, or to look forward to the holidays. Above all, it is a lot of fun. Christmas tree decorating can last anywhere from 30-40 minutes, depending on the model and size.

The elements need to be unpacked and assembled within a short period of time. It is important to pay attention to the position of the branches, however, as this will determine the final effect. There are no restrictions on how tips are laid.

What is the best way to decorate a Christmas tree so that it looks fuller?

The baubles and ornaments make trees look even more festive when they are adorned with ribbons. They are best when they have long tails that allow them to pass through the tree and attach to the ends of your branches or further down rather than just to the trunk.


The perfect Christmas tree can’t be decorated in one way because there are simply so many options and ways to personalize it. 

Try these simple tips to embrace your own creativity and sense of style instead of looking for a formula to decorate your Christmas tree.

It won’t take long for you to create a focal point for your Christmas decorations that everyone will love!

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