How to Draw a Christmas Card ( Step By Step)

The classic Christmas card is becoming more and more obsolete as new and faster communication methods become available. Despite that, Christmas cards remain an absolute classic at this time of year.

It is always heartwarming to remember your loved ones who may reside far away each year when you put up the beautifully designed cards. However, do you know how to draw a Christmas card?

You can easily draw a Christmas card using these three simple instructions in order to revive this beautiful Christmas tradition.

How To Draw a Christmas Card by Hand

  • Get started early.

Make your Christmas cards by hand early so they get to the recipients by Christmas. It takes a lot of time to make cards by hand.

  • Select a format. 

When you hand-make your Christmas cards, you can use multiple formats to suit your needs. Personalized and photo cards can be handwritten or decorated, and each one can either be personalized for each recipient or a single design can be sent to everyone on the list.

Magazines and websites can provide you with examples of card formats.

There are many types of cards that can be made, including decorated and handwritten cards, in magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart Living, and Real Simple. You can find picture cards on websites like Shutterfly.

  • Design a basic layout. 

Making the cards will be simpler if you know what you want them to look like before you begin. Consider design elements such as color, motif, and message to determine if they complement each other.

There are a variety of Christmas cards to choose from. Children can decorate their rooms with the likes of Santa Claus. You could even include a simple message such as “Seasons Greetings” or “Noel” such as a Christmas tree for adults.

The card can also be customized with a variety of Christmas messages. You might choose to use a simple and traditional message like “Wishing You a Merry Christmas,” or you might choose to include a message of your own. It is also possible to match the motif and the message.

  • Buy envelopes and cards 

After you have a basic design sketch and a layout for your card, choose your paper. From sturdy cardstock to scrapbook paper, there are many different types of paper available.

You’ll need envelopes to send the cards, so remember to buy one now! The most popular cardstock colors during the holiday season are red, green, silver, and gold. Whenever you are making a photo card, make sure you use cardstock, so that it will be able to hold the picture.

As an alternative to cardstock, scrapbookers use high-quality paper. Scrapbooking can also be used for making Christmas cards, even though it’s called that.

You might notice that scrapbooking paper and cardstock are folded before being used. If you choose the landscape option, you can also determine whether you want the card to be vertical or horizontal.

  • Supplies and decorations should be purchased. 

The supplies you need to make your cards include glue, scissors, ribbons, stickers, and glitter. In case of mistakes or changes required, it is useful to have a selection of supplies available.

  • Try it out.

Your basic design sketch should be used to make one card. You can then see if all the measurements match up and how large your writing must be in addition to the best placement for your decorations.

  • Embroider the card with your messages. 

Whatever you select to write on the inside and outside of your card can either be handwritten or printed. Your writing will remain straight if you use a ruler to guide you.

It is okay to write a short message on the front or just one page if it will not take up too many places on the card.

You will need to make sure the card has enough room for your stockings on it if, for example, you decide to write “The Stockings Were Hung… and add stocking stickers.

 Additionally, if you intend to include a message on the front of your card in addition to a photograph, be sure to include enough space for both, and set the size of the note so your picture fits.

Even if your handwriting is not the best you can make your message look neat and beautiful by printing it from a design you find on the internet or by generating it on your computer by using a Word program.

After you have finished the front, write your message on the inside. Your name, as well as the names of your beloved family members, should be signed. Before you start decorating the card, allow enough time for the glue or pens to dry.

  • Create a beautiful card with decorations.

You’re now ready to embellish the card with decorations after you’ve written your messages on the front and inside. As you work, keep your decorations nearby. Additionally, it would be helpful to have cotton swabs or orange sticks to fix errors.

  • Set your cards. 

Make sure that any adhesives on your handcrafted Christmas cards do not shift after they are placed in their envelopes to be sent.

  • How to draw a 3D Christmas Card
  • Choose a design. Place the pattern on your design paper after cutting it from the cut-out sheet.
  • Make three cuts of your design and outline the cut portion.
  • Make a half fold in your cardboard craft.
  • Your first piece of your design should be placed on the front of the card and glued in place.
  • When folding the second piece of the design, keep the margins visible from the work surface, while keeping the design very slightly centered. Hot glue the fold to your first design and then glue it exactly in the center.
  • Gently unfold this sheet again once it has been folded once in the middle, so that the margins of the sheet are farther from the work surface. Stick the fold in the middle of the second part with hot glue, as you did with the previous part.

Your card can now be decorated as you wish. There are no limits to what you can do with glitter, bows, and Christmas greetings. The background of your handmade Christmas card can also be decorated for an individual appearance.

  • How to Draw a Christmas card Online
  • Go to Canva

Go to canva and make an account there If you already have an account, log in with your Facebook or Google account. You can then start by searching with the search tool for the “Christmas card”.

  • The template you want to use

Select from a variety of Christmas card templates, featuring Santa, snowflakes, polar bears, candy canes, family portraits and illustrated Christmas scenes. Start designing a template by clicking on it.

  • Take a look at the features

Make your page festive by moving photos, images, icons, shapes, stickers, and other elements around with the drag-and-drop tool. Animate things to your heart’s content.

  • Customize as you go

Create a unique Christmas card especially for the recipient to make them feel special. Include family photos, logos, and artwork that portray the spirit of Christmas with the right color scheme and layout.

  • You can share or print

You should share your design shortly after you are satisfied with it. With a few clicks, your friends and family can see your design on Facebook and Instagram. Using Canva Print, you can make high-quality prints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Christmas card etiquette – what should you know?

It is not necessary to send holiday cards to everyone. On this holiday season, you are more than welcome to send seasonal greetings to a smaller group.

Christmas cards can be sent as early as possible?

Make sure to Send out Christmas cards on time. It would be wise, however, if you are sending out Christmas cards specifically, to avoid appearing too gung-ho with your greetings until the week before Thanksgiving. The first week of December is the best time to send Christmas cards.  


You can show that you have been thinking of your loved ones by sending wishes and greetings at Christmas. We have DIY instructions that will help you create your own holiday greeting in no time. You should safely pack every item in the package so that everything arrives safely if you want to send small gifts and thoughtful gifts with a Christmas card. Your family and friends will surely smile when you do this.

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