How to hang Christmas lights on tile Roof ( Complete Guide)

 The holiday season is the perfect time to hang Christmas lights on the tile roofs and make your home festive. You may have a difficult time hanging lights from the peak of your roof but putting them up is simple. The plastic clips you use will help you mount your light strands easily and damage-free after climbing onto your roof. With a little bit of work, your home will glow during the Christmas season.

How to hang Christmas light on tile roof

Plan your strategy

When you know where the lights will go, measure the height of your roof. In this way, you’ll know how many string lights to purchase. As you measure the roof, you’ll need to climb a ladder, so you’d better learn what ladder safety is before you begin. With an extension ladder, you may be able to reach higher areas.

In an alternative to buying more lights than you need, you can estimate the size of your roof. Stores usually accept extra lights during the holiday season.

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that too many lights connected to one outlet can pose a safety risk. Identify which outlets will be used by which lights now. An electrician can help you determine how many lights can safely be powered from your outlet.

Gather the tools

  • you need Clips for roof lights
  • Extenders for outdoors
  • The cords should be taped to the ground
  • Shoes with good stability.

Here are some steps you need to follow to hang Christmas lights on tile roof

  • Ladders should be extended beyond the edge of your roof by at least 3 feet (0.91 m). Place the ladder against the wall of your home. Keep all your supplies in an obvious location, such as your tool belt or bag. Always maintain 3 points of contact as you climb up the ladder. Then step up onto the roof, avoiding the ladder.
  • Determine the number and length of wire strands you need to run from the power outlet by measuring all the necessary distances.
  • Attach the extension cord to the outlet, then start from the closest part of the roof. Those cords will reach the outlets, so you can be certain. If you don’t hang the lights right away, they will get extremely hot.
  • You should test your lights to make sure they work. Make sure to unplug the power cords.
  • Allow both tabs at each end of the clip to grasp the shingle as you slide it over it.
  • If you’re installing icicle lights, make sure the line is taut and straight by spacing the clips close together. Using this method, the lights will align perfectly with the roof line.
  • It’s best to only attach another clip, or string another string, once you get onto solid ground, so both hands are free.
  • The options are many as far as reaching higher is concerned. Renting special equipment, such as a bucket lift, or using a taller ladder are other options.
  •  Standing or walking on the roof is never a good idea.
  • Connect an outdoor extension cord to the end of the last strand of lights after they’ve been run across the peak of your roof.

The best way to hang Christmas lights on your tile roof without damaging it

  1. Make sure your roof isn’t punctured 

The eaves might be okay to staple. Please do not staple or nail or screw anything into your shingles. You will have to fill up those holes with tar or you will have rotten roof decks after taking those suckers out. Using plastic clips can be very helpful.

  • Replace metal clips with plastic ones 

Several kinds of clips can be used to hang lights without damaging your roof or walls. Each clip is designed for a specific type of roof or type of light. The following are a few you might find useful:

  • Roofing and gutter clips that are all-in-one
  • Roof clips for clay tiles
  • Eave clip

We recommend avoiding attaching your lights directly to the shingles whenever possible. The gutters or eaves are a better place to attach them.

  • Don’t walk on your roof without being careful

If you want your roof to last longer, you should walk less over it. To fix this issue, you need to use a ladder to put up the lights. As long as you’re careful, walking on your roof gently once a year won’t damage it much when you actually put lights up there.

  • Wear a soft shoe like a sneaker and walk gently
  • During the summer, when the roof is directly in the sun, avoid walking on the shingles to prevent your foot from getting caught between the tiles on a tile roof,
  • Wear soft shoes and place your toes on the two peaks (the bumps).

Frequently Asked Questions  

What are some ways to hang lights without nails outside?

  For a simple way to make your home look festive, use plastic hooks and clips to hang your Christmas lights outside. The best hooks to use for gutters are the S-shaped gutter hooks, which you can lay over the gutter by pressing the top part of the S into it.

What do you do if you don’t have clips to hang lights?

You can hang your lights along your gutters quickly by using gutter hooks. Position your roof lights using shingle tabs. If your siding or other surfaces are smooth, use adhesive clips or hooks. Space hooks and clips 6–8 inches (15–20 cm) apart.


For many people, Christmas roof lights play an important role in their holiday celebrations. We love showing off our roofs during the holidays and spreading holiday joy. It is possible to safely install your Christmas roof decorations by following the suggestions above without causing damage to your tile roof. Have a safe and happy holiday season with your family and enjoy your lights.

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  1. We haven’t had good luck with clips on our tile roof for Xmas lights in the past. My husband doesn’t want to decorate this year so I guess I will put lights up myself. Do you know a particular brand of clips that really stay on?

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