How to make a Christmas Tree Farm ( Tree Farm Cultivation)

Christmas is a universal holiday and the time of the year that brings bliss and festivity. These holidays bring joy and happiness all around. The best part of this time is decorating your house with lights and a Christmas tree. There are synthetic plastic Christmas trees available nowadays. However, people prefer traditional natural Christmas trees. If you want to start this farming, we are here to help you make a Christmas tree farm(full cultivation process)

Starting a Christmas tree farm is a perfect business idea. You can easily earn profit from a small piece of land. These trees take some time to grow but, they are easy to manage. They used many types of trees for Christmas decorations. Most of these plants are self-pollinating. They do not need effort and support for growing. They can even grow in a harsh environment.



There are different trees of Cedar and pine that are useful for the Christmas tree business. Norway spruce is a traditional Christmas tree that can reach up to 25 meters in height. It is a traditional tree, but it takes a very long time to grow. Noble Fir is a gray-green, tall tree. This tree is famous because of its beautiful color. It can grow up to 70 meters in height. White pine is a unique Christmas tree that is white. It is very fashionable and reaches up to 60 meters in height. Nordman fir is a famous tree in Turkey. It has beautiful sharp needles and can grow up to 60 meters in height. Douglas Fir is a widely used Christmas tree. It has a natural cone shape and a beautiful aroma. Scotch pain is very famous because it can develop quickly and survive in a wide range of environments. Other coniferous plants are also appropriate for this farming. If you don’t have these seeds, you can choose any other conveniently available coniferous plants.


Christmas trees are one of the easiest plants to grow. They require little soil diversity and care. Pine seeds are easy to grow and collect. You can start your farm at a low cost. All you need is a fertile piece of land. However, these conifers are very prone to the attack of insects and soil fungi. To prevent this damage, get an insecticide or fungicide. To grow a Christmas pine, you need to be patient. These conifers are self-growing plants, and they grow at a limited rate. Some Christmas trees take 8-12 years to grow wholly. But they are also the simplest pant to farm at well-drained soil. You can raise over 40,000 pine trees on one-acre of land.


These plants grow best at higher altitudes. However, if you do not have to land a steep view, you can grow them on your farm as well. Usually, these plants grow with no help in their natural habitat. These plants need inhospitable environments like spring and the start of the winter to develop. Winter is the best growing time for coniferous plants. They require little moisture to grow. They can grow in dry soil as well. 

Take some good quality seeds and soak them in water for a few days. After they swell up, set them in a cold, dry place like a refrigerator to germinate. Once you see young sprouts on the surface of the seeds, they are ready to plant. 


As I mentioned earlier, these trees take over one season to grow fully. Despite their slow growth, they need care and sharpening. You can cut the leaves every month to get the desired shape of a pine tree. These plants have a lovely smell. Because of this smell, insects get attracted to these plants quickly. To plant these germinating seeds, you can make a 3-4 inches deeper pit and place these germinating seeds in it. These plants do not need daily watering and sunlight. However, give insecticides and fungicides to these plants every month. You can visit your farm once or twice a month. Kill the weeds and herbs on the farm and keep the trees clean. 

Once they grow as a young plant, you can sit back and take a rest.


These plants do not need daily watering and maintenance. To grow at a good pace, they only need to be planted in the right place. After raising these sprouts, sprinkle a little water and leave them for a few days.

As you know, these seeds will take over one season to grow and become mature. You mustn’t sit idle and wait for the grains to become gigantic trees. You can plan to plant new seeds and grow more trees every year. This practice will give you trees for three to four successive seasons in 7-10 years. Always buy new seeds every year. Do not use the batch of seeds you stored previously. These seeds will become dry and dormant. It will increase the cost of farming as well.


There are many simple ways you can sell your Christmas trees once they are fully mature. These trees are dry and husky, so they are not appropriate for making furniture. Many people use them to make small decorative stuff. You can find a contractor to cut the woods and sell them to these artisans. You can also let the people come to your property and select the trees they like. Letting buyers choose the trees is the easiest way, but it is time taking. You can sell your trees in batches as well. This method will be less time-consuming and more profitable. Before starting this farming, look for buyers and selling options in your area.


Do I need a tremendous investment to start my Christmas tree business?

No, you don’t need an enormous investment for this business. Christmas tree farming is probably the most profitable and cheap business. If you want to start a tree business, it will cost you 2-3 dollars per tree. However, Christmas trees are even less costly. They only require 1 to 2 dollars per tree. But it will require more patience because of the slow growth rate of these trees.

I have conifer seedlings, but I do not have land to plant them. Can I get free land to plant these seeds?

It is hard to find free land for your farming. However, many farmers and landlords are ready to share the spare land with new farmers. You can find these landlords and spare lands online. You can also hire a contractor for yourself to locate these free lands suitable for your farming. These lands are available at very low costs.

Which area is best to grow these coniferous plants?

These plants need a cold climate to grow. It is best if you cultivate these plants in the Northern areas. You can start farming in other areas as well, but the growth will be slower. The best growth rate of these trees is at below 20 degrees Celsius temperature. They also grow better in steep areas and less water supply. Excessive humidity can cause a fungal infestation in these plants.

How can I find buyers for my Christmas tree farm?

Christmas trees are an attractive piece of decoration at the end of the year. People buy these trees to decorate their houses. These trees are famous for their peculiar shape and fragrance. Make sure you desirably groom your trees for Christmas eve. You can advertise your farm. The best way is to let the people visit your farm and choose the tree they like. Another way is to sell these trees in batches. You can easily find contractors or event managers that will buy these trees and use them for decorative purposes.

How can I get profit from my Christmas tree farming?

Patience is the key to any business. However, particularly with the pine tree business, be patient because they take a long time to grow. Once the trees are fully mature, you can sell them with a profit of over 50 dollars per tree. An average cost is 1-2 dollars for each tree, and you can sell them up to 50 dollars during the Christmas season. It is a slow growing but very profitable business. It is better to find a contractor in the market to buy your woods. 


Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve are the best time of the year. People come to meet their families and spend money to get everything they desire. Conifers are a crucial part of this eve. These plants depict strength because they can grow in a harsh environment. Planting these trees will give you the feeling of being a part of this beautiful eve. 

Using this simple guide, you can start your own Christmas tree farm. This farm will help you gain profit. You can sell these trees for other decorative purposes as well. So, what are you waiting for? Clutch your tools and start working now.

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