African American Christmas Decorations Ideas 2022

Are there any trends that will never go out of style? Of course, black is best! There’s nothing wrong with decorating your Christmas tree with traditional colors. But be creative when you do so this year. Is there a new vibe out there?

A black tree for Christmas will look chic and new while showing off your holiday cheer. And somehow, it manages to look vintage and modern simultaneously.

Black decorations make for a surprisingly elegant and eye-catching look. Whether you go large with your main tree or start small with a mini tree it will give the same result.

We’ve compiled some of the best African American Christmas decorating ideas that’ll stand out anywhere.

African American Christmas Decoration 2022

1.A black apron for African American girls

A black apron for African American girls
  • Description

A beautiful and fashionable apron, our African Black Women’s apron is made from high-resolution printed exquisite patterns. It is both beautiful and fashionable. This makes cooking more fun to have a black apron on.

It can be used in activities like food preparation, cake decoration, grilling, cleaning, pet care, etc. It helps prevent your clothes from becoming dirty or wet from being in the water. Additionally, it makes a wonderful gift for lovers, parents, and friends.

  • Size

It is designed to fit most figure types. The African American Women Apron’s measurement is suitable for most people. In addition, the adjustable neckband allows you to set the length to your preference for the best protection effect.

  • Material

The Blue Hair Black Girls Aprons are made of 100% Polyester. They are oil- and waterproof, protecting your clothes from stains caused by oil and water when you cook.


  • Cleaning is made easy by wiping the surface
  • Fits perfectly
  • Waterproof
  • Durable


  • There is no adjustment on the necktie.

2. Black Angel Treetop 10-Light Kurt S. Adler Ivory and Gold

Black Angel Treetop 10-Light Kurt S. Adler Ivory and Gold

This 10-light African American Angel Treetop will provide the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas tree. A beautiful black angel, wearing an ivory gown with gold accents, stands atop a treetop.


  • Incandescent lights with UL listing
  • A 36-inch length of green lead wire
  • There are five extra bulbs included
  • One spare fuse for 3-amp operation is included
  • Attached to the tree with a bottom cone made of plastic
  • The product may only be used indoors


  • 5 extra bulbs
  • Pre lit
  • Beautifully Decorative
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Off expression
  • Only for indoor use

3.The Decorative Throw Pillow Cover features a Black child with Santa.

The Decorative Throw Pillow Cover features a Black child with Santa.
  • Description

This pillowcase has a zipper on one side which gives an elegant look. There is something so warm and beautiful about the color and the photo. Representation is essential and cannot be overlooked. Your sun porch will look fantastic with this piece on it this holiday season.

You can use it to decorate your home in a stylish way. It feels comfortable in the hand and is durable and washable. Creative and classic design. The product is new, offers high quality, and is competitively priced. Hand-cutting and hand-sewing may yield a variety of 0-1.5 inches.


  • High Quality
  • Affordable Price
  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Comfortable in hand


  • May yield a variation of 0-1.5 inches in size.

4.A waterproof apron with roomy pockets for African American women. Great for kitchen BBQ craft drawing.

A waterproof apron with roomy pockets for African American women. Great for kitchen BBQ craft drawing.
  • Description

The apron has large pockets for storing cooking gadgets, seasoning packets, recipe cards. It can also store potholders, meat thermometers, grill slips, smartphones, wallets, etc. You can use this product for your home entertainment or for your business. Any time you cook, grill, or paint in the house you will need an apron. The board is also ideal for kitchen gardens, craft tables, screen printing, embroidery projects, and gourmet projects.

  • Material

It is designed by Oxford Cloth. The cooking apron offers premium durability. It is waterproof and wear-resisting and protects against grease, grilling spills, stains, and dust. There are two long waist ties and an adjustable neck strap. This neck strap makes the apron fit all kinds of bodies, regardless of their structure.

  • Dimensions

33 inches long by 28 inches wide


  • Wear-resistant, durable, and waterproof
  • Two long belt ties
  • Two large pockets in front of the apron, and one adjustable neck strap.
  • The fabric is machine washable and shrink-resistant.
  • Color and texture of the apron don’t fade soon after washing.


  • Wearing it is very uncomfortable because it’s stiff
  • Losing control when adjusted.

5.AVOIN Vertical Double Sized, Garden Flag of a Black Santa Claus

AVOIN Vertical Double Sized, Garden Flag of a Black Santa Claus
  • Description

Durable and weather-resistant spun polyester, machine washable. The panels are double stitched on multiple rows and the sleeves are high quality. Your guests will appreciate these unique, seasonal flags at your home. The attractive decorative statement can be added to any backyard, lawn, or garden.

Printed images appear on both sides of the design, and the text is legible on both sides as well. To hang the flags on the garden flag stand, simply slip them through the holes on one of the top sides. Each flag also features a sleeve at the top designed for use with any standard flagpole or stand.

  • Material

100% Polyester.


  • Easy to install
  • Washable
  • Durable
  • Water Resistant


· The pole is not included

6.Figurine from the Heartwood Creek collection by Jim Shore

.Figurine from the Heartwood Creek collection by Jim Shore
  • Description

Designed to last for generations, these figurines are exquisite pieces of home décor. Christmas traditions from around the world are celebrated by Jim Shore’s Around the World Collection. Each detail of Santa’s clothing is superb, from his features to the stitches. It’s a great combination of Kwanzaa and Christmas.

  • Material

The stone resin material is used for the pieces and is hand-painted and crafted by the artist.


  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful Craftsmanship
  • Naturally Beautiful


· There is a small difference in the size of the figurine

7.African American Santa Head Ornament

African American Santa Head Ornament
  • Description

With a traditional hat and a glittery beard, this Santa Figurine Ornament looks just perfect as you hang it on the tree. This ornament measures approximately 4.5 inches in length. It is a traditional decoration around the home or at the holiday table. It’s a great ornament to hang on your Christmas trees or ornament stands this Christmas.

There are incredible details in every angle of this Santa. He is large, 3D and extremely well built.

  • Material

Hangs from gold string and is made of rosy, red resin stone.


· The features of Santa’s face are so detailed and handsome.

· Attractive

· Well made

· Durable

· Affordable


  • The hat pomp has a small hole 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Christmas decor like in Africa?

A lot of African countries do Christmas decorations, including stringing lights and ornaments on trees… But the African version of a Christmas tree is a bit different from the Christmas trees you always see.

Is there anything special to do when decorating a black Christmas tree?

Neutral color scheme decorations go best with black Christmas trees. The best colors are white, silver, and gold. Black Christmas trees can even be decorated using exclusively black ornaments. The color scheme of your design is simple, so it is necessary to add interest by using multiple textures.


People from different places decorate and celebrate Christmas according to their traditions. Similarly, African American people love to celebrate Christmas according to their traditions and values. We’ve compiled some of the best African American Christmas decorating ideas that’ll stand out anywhere. Hope you will celebrate this year’s Christmas with full zest and zeal after following the above decorating ideas.

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