Your bedroom is a place in the house where you spend most of your time. The color of walls and furniture tells a lot about your choice. People decorate their bedrooms with neutral color schemes such as Ivory, Beige, Gray, or White colors. Bright color schemes can be tricky to handle.

However, these bright colors, like pink, blue and green, can add to the beauty of your bedroom. If you brought a new blue rug, but you don’t know how to use it. Let us help you decorate your bedroom with a blue carpet. 

The furniture plays a slight role in the decoration of a room. If you want to beautify your bedroom, the color scheme is the leading factor. A good color scheme can uplift the room structure.

The colors of the walls also affect the light intensity in the room. Using the following color schemes, you can beautify your room with lesser furniture, using a blue carpet. 



It is the most classic room decor method. If blue is your favorite color, why add anything else?

You can keep it all blue. Using a single color is also less distracting. If you are a person who dislikes distractions during work, this color scheme is suitable for you.

Get yourself some blue bed sheets and pillow colors. You can use sky blue or azure blue wall paint. If the carpet color is deep blue, keep the walls and curtains light.

However, if the carpet is light blue, you can use deep hues on the walls. This contrast will enhance the look of the blue carpet. 


Knowing this might be a piece of new insight for you, but the color scheme in your house affects your mental state. Blue is a very relaxing color, but monotony can prove tiring.

Therefore, it is better to use a combination of neutral colors with a deep blue base. In this combination, you can add colors like teal, gray, and cobalt to your walls.

Get some grayish pillow covers with a gray-blue bedsheet. Add more bluish hues to the curtains and, you are ready. This combination will also help you sleep. 


Using evening beach-inspired shades is another beautiful color scheme. This color scheme is unique because you can give it a darker or a lighter look depending upon your choice.

The light color scheme will pop up on your furniture and room accessories. However, the darker color scheme is more elegant and attractive.

If you have warm lights in your room, prefer a darker design. For a white or blue lighted room, use orange or lime wall paints, make curtains light blue or pink, and use gray and beige bed sheets and furniture covers with a light or dark blue carpet.

However, if your room has warm yellowish lights, use a darker shade like plum or turquoise for wall paints and curtains. This ocean-inspired look in the bedroom will improve your focus. This variety of colors will give you a relaxing environment for sleep. 


Yellow, Orange, Cyan, and Magenta are the best contrasting shades of blue color. The contrasting shade gives a deeper, darker look to your bedroom.

As we mentioned earlier, your bedroom depicts your personality and choices. This dark combination is for people with mysterious charms.

You can use only one contrasting color. For example, make the walls orange and use curtains and bedsheets, blue. Another method is the use of over one contrasting color.

For this, you can use teal or grayish bedsheets and furniture, make walls orange or magenta, and make curtains blue along with the carpet. These combinations will be appropriate for both white-blue or warm room lighting.  


This color combination is effective for yellow room lighting. It will give a warm; look to your room. Since colors also affect feelings, it is best for winter room decor.

For this combination, you can paint walls in red or pink shades. Keep curtains blue, similar to the color of the carpet. Use violet or peach-colored bedsheets and furniture covers.

If you want to use white or blue lights in your room, you can use deeper colors for bedsheets. This room decor will energize your mood. 


  1. Which shade of orange will look best for a royal blue carpet?

Usually, the shades between red and orange work the best for a royal blue combination. If you want to keep it dark, you can use alizarin, crimson red, pumpkin color, and deep orange color for this combination. If you want a lighter mix, you can use cantaloupe or carrot orange shades.

2.I don’t want to change my wall paint that is lime color. What color should I use for my bedsheets and furniture in a room with a blue carpet?

For this combination, use peony pink color or lavender color combinations. These light colors will give a refreshing look to your bedroom.

3. Suggest me some old-fashioned decor theme colors with a blue rug?

If you want old-fashioned combinations, the best one is deep red with Royal blue. This combination gives a vintage look to your room. Another classic combination is the use of deep yellow and gray white. 

4. I switch my room light randomly between blue and yellow lights. Tell me the combination that will work for both?

All these combinations give a perfect beautifying look to your bedroom. However, you can use classic monotone or charming neutral shades if you want to keep it simple. These combinations are appropriate for any time of lighting in the bedroom. 

5.Which shades of green should I use with light blue? 

You can use any warm shade of green such as aquamarine, turquoise, sea-foam green, and teal color for this combination. These colors give a refreshing morning-like look to your bedroom. This combination is best for the mental energy to boost up.

6.How do I reduce the sharpness of any paint?

You can add white paint in any pain to reduce the sharpness or intensity of any color. However, if you want a lighter tone, it is preferable to choose a softer color. 

If you want to decorate a box, here is one for you.


Your bedroom color combination can change your mood to a whole new level. You should choose colors that make you feel relaxed.

These combinations are worth trying. They will give your bedroom a funkier look with a touch of newness. You will experience these heavenly combinations, changing your mood positively.

So, here’s your key to a good night’s sleep and an energetic morning. Try these eye-catching color combinations and make your room look elegant.


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