How to Decorate a Box ( Revealed!)

How to Decorate a Box ( Revealed!)

 In your closet, that box has been staring at you for so long that it almost hurts to look at it; it begs to be thrown away.

The color scheme doesn’t match yours; it does not embrace you, and you would have to dispose of it.

The question is, what should we do? Of course, it’s time to do some DIY!

Check out these ideas for making your storage system more stylish.

How to Decorate a Box

Use paper crafts to decorate a box.

  • Make a plain box white by applying white acrylic paint all over. Let the material air dry for at least several hours, until no liquid remains.
  • Take some decorative paper and draw a circle around the lid of the box and cut out carefully to get the perfect box lid cover.
  • You will need to measure the depth of the lid of the box and its circumference, adding two centimeters for an overlap. The bottom half of the box should be the same.
  • Using Decopatch glue, attach the paper shapes to the box, removing the screws on the lid catches as you go. You can leave it to dry.
  • Apply a coat of decoupage varnish all over and trim away any excess paper. Ensure that screws are tight.

Using fabric is a good idea.

It is easy to make a box that matches nearly everything using fabric, spray glue, scissors, a ruler, and a pencil. Even a worn-out t-shirt (or something fancy from a craft store) would do. If you have any fabric left over from past projects, just sew it up.

Measure your box and cut your fabric accordingly. Make sure the bottom of the box is in the correct position, spray glue it, and place the fabric on top of it. Mark the long edges of the box along the sides.

Spray glues the long side of the pocket and glues the flaps on the short side with your spray glue. Repetition is required for the remainder of the sides.

Now that you’re done, you’re done! It’s not necessary to apply a lid unless you have one — you can just repeat the process to accentuate the contrast if you don’t have a lid.

Make paper flowers by cutting them out

Just cut out a few flowers from the scrapbook to stick on the lid. Flowers on cardboard look great with their colors.

An embroidered star that is oversized

Make a few stars out of a pencil, then poke a hole at each point to complete the lid. You can sew a star using some decorative thread. It is best to use a needle as small as possible, otherwise, the holes may become too large. Furthermore, if you use poor-quality cardboard for your gift box, the holes can easily become large and unsightly.

Put paint on

Isn’t it time we let our inner artists out? Standard boxes are best suited for acrylic. If you don’t want it to be like the Mona Lisa, don’t worry about it.

It’s a flat surface, so you can do whatever you like! It would even be lovely if bold colors were mashed up in an abstract design with no real meaning.

When painting, only one side of the wall at a time should be tackled. In the interest of seeing the blank side, you don’t want to prop up the box only to realize that you just ruined something you spent an hour on!

  • Three-dimensional stickers

Glued the stickers to the box, tied it together with ribbon, and you’re done! This is the easiest way to decorate a gift box yet. It would make the perfect little jewelry box for a little girl.

  • Lace can used.

You can also choose lace (or some pearls, if you feel fancy!) to make your box more elegant. Whatever will adhere without leaving a colored residue will work, whether it is decoupage paste, rubber cement, or spray glue.

To add complexity and texture, try overlapping lace designs. Make shapes out of your lace before you sew it. Lace is more attractive than plain fabrics because it can pop out from the inside, giving it pizazz and dimension.

Frequently asked Questions

 Is glue harmful to us?

You need to be careful when using a hot glue gun; it burns when it comes in contact with the skin.


After following the ideas above, you can make plain, old boxes look like pieces of art. You will learn how to decorate boxes for any occasion when you read this article.

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