How to Put a star on Christmas Tree ( Complete Guide)

The tree topper, traditionally a large star or angel, is an ornament that adds the finishing touch to a Christmas tree. Nevertheless, many people do not know how to put a star on a Christmas tree perfectly.

The tree topper does not hang from a hook or string but instead sits like a crown on the tree’s highest branch. The arrangement can be tricky since the star frequently wobbles around, which robs the tree of its striking focal point.

There are several straightforward methods you can use to anchor an angel or star to your Christmas tree.

How to Put a star on Christmas Tree

Putting a star on your Christmas tree

1.    Create a spiral cone shape with craft wire.

2.    Pipe cleaners can be attached around the base of the Christmas tree topper.

3.    Use a thick twine to tie the topper’s base in place.

4.    You will need to wrap the garland around the tree to attach the tree topper’s base.

Most star tree toppers are designed to sit on the tree’s vertical branch and have a spiral or conical base at the base of one of the star’s points. When this method for putting a star on a Christmas tree isn’t sufficient to ensure the star will stay straight, anchor it with a wooden dowel, metal skewer, or extra branch (no matter how fake) as a splint.

Many holiday toppers and tree stars include eyelets and zip ties so that they will stand securely on the tree. Insert the pole into the upper branch of the tree and align it with its central axis. Zip ties will keep the topper in place if they are tied through the eyelets and wrapped around the trunk.

The size and style of your tree topper will determine what kind of tree topper you choose. It is possible to bend the top branch downward or to bring up multiple branches and tie them together. Wires or strings may be used as anchors when securing toppers.

In case your star does not have a base, attach the stick by gluing, taping, or tying it to the star. If you want to conceal these supplies, you can paint a dowel dark green or brown, so it blends into the tree and choose brown or green ribbons, floral wire, or pipe cleaners to blend in.

Alternatively, you can add appeal to the tree by using other decorations, such as sparklers or red and white twisted pipe cleaners.

Here are some tips for keeping the Christmas tree toppers on your tree

  • If you have a fake tree, you may only need to spend a few seconds fixing the treetop. It’s important to pack as many branches into the top of the tree topper as possible. You stabilize a topper by putting all the branches on top instead of just a few at the top.
  • It may be necessary to twist the tree topper tightly around the branch to ensure that it fits tightly and is securely held. It is important to repeat this. Floral tape can also be used to reinforce the branch where your tree topper will be attached.
  • You can also use a good tree topper holder to ensure your topper stays on the tree and keeps it straight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a star on top of a Christmas tree?

A star, known as the star of Bethlehem or the star of Christmas, guided the wise men of Bethlehem to the birthplace of Jesus, as told in the Christmas story.

This five-pointed star, which was only mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew’s account of the Nativity, is unique. The star represents the birth of Christ (or the Messiah).

There is also a strong influence of astrology in the Bible. Celestial bodies such as comets, stars, moons, and galaxies were viewed as signs from God.

Why do we place angels on top of Christmas trees?

The Christmas tree traditionally hangs an angel as a reminder of the angel’s role in Jesus’ birth.


The presence of stars in the Christmas tree is important not only from a spiritual point of view but also in sense of appearance. Therefore, if you don’t know how to put a star on a Christmas tree just follow the procedure discussed above. It will become very easy for you to decorate your Christmas tree with a star topper.

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