How to start a Bamboo Farm (Complete Guide)

How to start a Bamboo Farm (Complete Guide)

 You have heard about several different flowers and flowering plants which are liked by the people. It is one of the diverse groups of evergreen perennial flowering plants that come from the subfamily of Bambusoideae of the grass family Poaceae.

You will find bamboo forests in many regions of the world. It is one of the most beautiful forests in the world. You can also see the Sagnano Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan is one of the most beautiful forests, and when the stalks of the bamboo filter the sun rays which fall on them.

It is one of the unique forests which is found in the world. We will tell you a complete guide on how to start a bamboo farm.

How to start a Bamboo Farm in current times?

For starting any business, a proper plan and strategy are needed to execute the plan. A simple guide is here for you for starting your bamboo farm. You just have to follow these steps which are mentioned below:

  • Site Selection
  • Species Selection
  • Sunlight
  • Land Preparation
  • Plantation
  • Maintenance
  • Harvesting

Site Selection:

You can find different varieties of bamboo here some are drought-tolerant and they will resist water shortage during the periods when there is no rainfall in the regions.

Their one quality is that they will spread at a faster rate. Those areas which are low-lying and have moist weather conditions are suitable to plant bamboo in these areas.

The soil which is in these areas still needs to be drained well and you cannot have any danger because of the temporary flooding.

Species Selection:

You will get the desired and best outcome when you will select the right bamboo species that will prove beneficial for you to start a bamboo farm.

Many species of bamboo offer the fastest growth but Moso bamboo is the one that is perfect for different soil and environmental conditions across the world and grows there without causing any problems or issues.


There are large varieties of bamboo which are found in this world. Most of them prefer to grow in the sunlight. But, if you provide shady areas to them they can also grow well there.

Land Preparation:

First of all, you should make general preparations when you are going to start a bamboo farm. When you are going to plant the seedlings of the bamboo, then you should check the conditions of the soil there, particularly its pH value whether the soil is acidic or basic.

Bamboos grow best in slightly acidic conditions. If you are having a pH away from this range, then you can set the pH of the soil thereby doing some remedies such as putting lime.


There are several things from which you can grow a bamboo forest such as node cuttings, potted bamboo, and seedlings. Some spacing should be made while planting the bamboo seedlings so that bamboo can grow easily in a place.


As you know that bamboo trees are drought-tolerant and resistant to diseases and insects. It is a known fact that a plant always needs special care when it is growing.

There are certain requirements that should be fulfilled by you when the bamboo plant is growing such should check on the availability of water and how much water is required by the bamboo for a given period.

Most of the time, you should only have to give them water once or twice a week in the early few months of their growth phase. You should also ensure the cutting and pruning of the leaves of the plant as it grows.


Usually, this plant takes a lot of years to grow fully approximately six years before your first harvest. This all means that you would have to wait for a long time to earn from the investment that you make.

On your farm, you can perform the annual cuttings of the bamboo and you can continue to harvest bamboo for almost 50 years while maintaining your farm side by side. An internal rate of return for a bamboo plantation is 31%.  

Structure of the Bamboo:

When you look closely into a bamboo plant, then you will see that the bamboo plant has vascular bundles which are hollow when you take a cross-section of it.

They are scattered throughout the body of the stem, instead of sticking to a single cylindrical place. There are no parts found in the bamboo plant which conduct the process of secondary growth.

They have usually monocot stems. You can also see that the bamboos which are large in area and size are columnar rather than tapering.

Bamboo-Fastest Growing Plant:

Some plants in the world are the fastest growing and bamboo is one of them. If you have a keen observation of the growth of the bamboo trees, then you will observe that they show fast growth.

Their faster growth is all due to the presence of the unique rhizome-dependent system in them. In 24 hours, a bamboo tree shows a growth of 910 mm which is approximately 24 inches. A bamboo plant shows the growth of approximately 40mm in 1.5 hours. .

There is an addition of every 1 inch in the bamboo plant after every 40 minutes. Because of their faster growth, Giant members are considered the largest members of the grass family. The two factors tolerance for marginal land and rapid growth will make the Bamboo a good tree for several purposes such as:

  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Afforestation
  • Climate Change Mitigation

Economic and Cultural Significance:

In many regions of the world such as Southeast Asia and East Asia, South Asia, bamboos have great significance related to the economy and culture.

These are mostly used as a versatile raw product. Because of its strength-to-weight ratio and also it is a natural composite material so it is useful to build structures. Most of the time, the strength of the bamboo is compared with the strong softwood and hardwood timber.


So, this is all about the process that how to start a bamboo farm. When you will have a bamboo farm, then it will give you a good investment option. I hope you like this guide. Feel free to ask any query, it will be highly acknowledged.



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