How to Decorate Slanted walls ( Interesting!)

How to Decorate Slanted walls ( Interesting!)

 You’re in the right place if you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate a slanted wall in your living room. If you live in an apartment that isn’t a nice, perfectly square cube, you’ll have to figure out how to decorate it.

But there is no need to worry! In today’s lesson, we’ll look at how to decorate an odd-shaped room.

Our goal in this article is to discuss whether you should paint your slanted ceiling, how to organize an awkward living room, and how to hang things on a slanted ceiling.

How to Decorate Slanted walls

Decorations for Slanted Walls in the Living Room

Listed below are some motivating ideas for decorating a slanted wall in your living room.

  1. An exciting and dramatic sense of style

You should accept your room’s existing ambiance and accentuate it with design when you decorate a room with a slanted ceiling. A slanted ceiling can be anything from a small attic room with little space to a vaulted ceiling over the entire loft.

In this case, we are playing off of the existing proportions rather than introducing an alien style far too quickly. A slanted wall can be turned into the talk of the room with their dramatic appearance!

  • Choose colors that are cohesive.

The angled surfaces can be treated as either part of the ceiling or as extensions of the walls. Various factors come into play, including how you intend to achieve your goal.

How do you want the room to help you achieve your goals? Does it need to look brighter and bigger? How about some warmth and coziness? Are you interested in adding height?

In choosing a paint color for sloped walls or ceilings, make sure to consider these questions. A color scheme should naturally be chosen if you decide to use more than one paint color.

For a fun effect, choose a bright, bold hue or a light color to brighten up the space. For surrounding ceilings, doors, and walls while painting, go over them with an angled 2.5 in (6.4 cm) brush, then paint the rest with a roller. It is a good idea to let each coat of paint dry completely between them.

  • It is possible to add a fun, eye-catching accent to a sloped wall by painting it a different color than the rest of the room. You should choose a color that fits the interior of the room if the wall is steeply sloped.
  • The same color will keep a space from feeling claustrophobic if there’s a steep slope on two walls.
  • A darker color on sloped walls, however, can make the room appear smaller. It can feel claustrophobic and cave-like in such a room. I hope you have fun with your look if that’s what you want!
  •  A mural on the wall behind your bed or other piece of furniture might look lovely if your slanted wall is behind it. Creating an interesting backdrop for a bed can be as easy as putting stars or clouds in the sky.


In the case of mirrors and rags, a small touch of luxury makes a big difference. The presence of these pieces creates a sense of grandeur in a small space.

The best flooring option for rooms with slanted walls is a light color. You should complete this with a light rug, preferably a shade darker than the floors themselves.

With such an item in the room, you can give the impression that it is larger and more spacious. This can be achieved with mirrors. The ceiling height and width they create give the impression that the room is larger.

In order for the mirror to fully convey the idea, it must reflect an empty space, not an occupied area like a bookshelf or storage area.

  • Design an interesting wall mural.

In any room, a mural can be a focal point, but bringing one up to a sloped ceiling will make the most impact. But we aren’t all artists, nor can we all devote the time to creating an intricate design. Fortunately, most decorating styles can be matched to one of the many stick-on options available.

  • Hanging a wallpaper

Wallpaper should be hung on the angled area, and a chair rail should be placed along the crease between the flat and angled walls. Especially beneficial for rooms in attics that have two walls with symmetrical angles on either side, this system unifies the space. Choosing a relaxing pattern will help make the ceiling appear higher, as overly busy patterns will make it seem lower.


A slanted wall usually means a small bedroom. You may want to consider adding built-in closets, drawers, or shelves to a room that is on the smaller side.

Since the storage units occupy less floor space when they reach the ceiling, less floor space is required. Your room will feel more open and uncluttered if you have more space to store your belongings.

The storage can even be hidden behind closed doors or painted with the same colors as the walls. Additionally, try not to have too much furniture and keep it in harmony with your walls and floor colors. The room appears seamless and relaxed by using this technique.

  • Consider Window and Skylight Additions

Consider adding extra windows and skylights to your space to allow for ample natural ventilation to take advantage of slanted ceilings’ many benefits. Slanted ceilings can create a claustrophobic feeling, so it is best to remove them.

If you are within your budget and prefer a more modern look, have a contractor install a skylight in the angled wall. Additionally, it updates a sloped wall’s period look by allowing more natural light in. The cost of this project is much higher than simply painting the wall.

  • Wall stickers made of vinyl should be applied.

We will expand on our previous idea by pointing out that those of you not interested in the huge mural of your living room but want a nice statement can accomplish the same with a smaller scale.

Instead of applying wall stickers to multiple planes, apply vinyl wall stickers to just the slope. Alternatively, you could paint the wall yourself if you have a lot of courage. There are plenty of non-text options, too, in addition to inspirational words and quotes.

  • Contrasting textures for a subtle touch

A wood accent can transform any space, be it a sterile, cold space or a welcoming, pleasant sanctuary. Also, by incorporating wooden textures with decor, you can create a relaxed, cozy atmosphere in a room with a slanted ceiling.

There are many creative alternatives to wallpaper, such as custom murals, fabric canopies, and even custom wall art. Whatever materials you choose to introduce contrast along with the slanted ceiling, remember that this area of the home needs a distinct focal point just like any other.


You can create shelves with a natural gradient when you have a sloped ceiling. Shelf attachments that are made at the edges of walls in contact with sloped ceilings bring out the slope and make use of space that would otherwise be wasted. These shelves can serve as decorative features in your bedroom or as a place to store more items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would it be better if you painted the slanted ceiling?

The flat ceilings can be painted either white or in a complementary color to the walls, but if there aren’t many flat ceilings, you might want to paint them one color.

Where do you put the stuff under sloped ceilings?

  It is obvious that if the ceiling at the bottom of the slope is very low, there will not be much room for you. The least you can do is don’t stand up – you most certainly don’t want to hit your head every time you stand up! It is possible to place a small bookcase or shelves underneath the slope if it is low.


A slanting wall can create a cozy atmosphere, but they are challenging to decorate. The added challenge of attaching all four corners of a picture to a slanting wall is why it’s difficult to hang pictures from it. The good news is that you can accent your slanted wall with anything you like. There are no limits to what you can imagine!

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